Why TIKTOK ban in India full Details | IS PUBG BAN IN INDIA

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First of all, I would like to say that the soldiers of the army who have fought with China, have become martyrs of the time, give peace to their souls. 

This time is too hard for India because India has a face-up the many situations.in starting of the 2020 fight start with corona and still, we are fighting with corona.
Cyclone attack, tidy attack and loss of 5 great Bollywood actors and And now we lost our 20 soldiers while fighting against China
So now it’s our turn we should be boycott with china products. Because if we don’t boycott china’s products so then we can be lost India because if we buy china products then we are strong in the china economy so please boycott china’s products.
The Indian Govt has been ban the 59 China app ban in India because of Security reasons. There are also some reasons Ban on the 59 apps of china.
China army attack on the Indian army where 10 Indian soldiers are dead during the fight with china army also behind the reason is coronavirus their lot of reasons are creating bu the china.
A lot of people are happy because of china apps are banned in India but some not do want to know so read app the articles at the end
Some TikTok star area angry with Shree Narender Modi Ji Because of Central Govt has decided they banned 59 China apps included Tiktok.
Its great decision was taken by the Indian Govt. Because of Tiktok lot of people Were pushing the mess also can be the reason behind the ban of Tiktok. so now we talk about the list of Banned apps and alternative apps of the china app
  • List of Indian Vs China Brands:- There is a list of china app are using by Indian people we can replace the china app with non-china or Indian app like we can replace TikTok, Vigo, likey,v-mate can be replaced into Mitro, Us Browser can be replaced into Chrome there is list mention are in below side.
tiktok-ban-list-of -indian-vs-china -brands
Why TIKTOK ban in India
  • Most popular Chinese apps among the top 100 in India
  • Social content platforms: Helo and SHAREit
  • Entertainment and short video apps: TikTok, and Kwai can be replaced by Mitro
  • Web browser apps: UCBrowser and UCBrowser Mini can be replaced by Meet, Chrom
  • Video and live streaming apps: LiveMe, Bigo Live, and Vigo Video
  • Utility applications: BeautyPlus, Xender, and Cam Scanner can be replaced by Abobe Scanner
  • Gaming apps and software: PUBG, Clash of Kings, Mobile Legends
  • E-commerce applications: Club Factory, Shein, and Romwe Can be Replaced by Flipkart AMAZON

Is PUBG Ban in India

One of the most famous games PUBG  will be ban? no no it will be not banned because it’s an Us game, not a china game. This will be developed by china so it’s not a proper china game. this game is also a us game that’s behind the reason for not ban.
  • Anti-China sentiments are at a high in India right now. If you are Indian and also want to ban the china mobile ban in India so we can buy the Non-China mobile because if we do this millions of people are unemployed then china Gdp down and we can make the strong the Indian Gdp increasing and can make the Indian Govt strong. there are a lot of phone brands are sales by china. here the list of the china mobile brands
China phone Brands List
  • Motorola
  • Infinix
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Realme
  • Readme
  • One Plue
List of China Vs Non-China mOBILE List
Why TIKTOK ban in India
You can buy the Non-China Mobile without any thinks. these all the list of nonchina mobile list. we can buy it Here the list of all Non-China companies with a country name if you don’t know you can know this list is mention below. 
List of Non-China Mobile
  • Samsung:-
  • LG
  • Sony
  • I Phone
  • Asus
Samsung:- Samsung is a nonchina company that makes electronic items in India. Basically, Samsung is a Korean Company which is one of the best company in India.
 Samsung Makes a lot of types of mobile, tablets with different rates here list is mention in below mobile list below mentions mobile list under 20000 price cost, we can buy it they all one best mobile are you can buy it. if you want to buy
Samsung Mobile list under 20000
  • Samsung Galaxy M31                         
  • Samsung Galaxy M21
  • Samsung A50
  • Samsung A30
  • Samsung A20
  • Samsung A30s
Nokia:- Nokia is a Russian company. It’s launching in India Nokia is also one of the best companies before 2012 after Samsung introduce the android then it’s low down in the market.
In the Indian market, Samsung’s demand is more than Nokia because Nokia doesn’t have an android. Now Nokia launching the ANDROID and now Nokia has been back good selling brands in India
List of Nokia phones under 20000
iPhone:- iPhone is a premium brand company. its American company which makes the smartphone in America and sales in India. its make different quality phone. list of the mobile is mention below
iPhone brands List
iPhone SE
Iphone 11
iphone11 mas 
LG:-LG is a South Korean company. which are lunch always introducing new smartphone premium as well as a low-cost phone with good features 2020 LG phone list is mention below.
LG Q Stylus
LG F70
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