Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

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Top10 Blogging Tools For Beginners

Hey, Guys Hope you are fine these crazy days. If you are a blogger so don’t worry these articles are the only ones writing only for you.Because in this article. I have written the top useful Top10 Blogging Tools For Beginners.

All the tools are used practically after that I have shared all tools. Also, WordPress users can be used but in WordPress lots of plugins are available may not need ton WordPress users.

So if you are a blogger you have to use this tool for improving or ranking the website. All the tools will be profitable for the website from the Top10 Blogging Tools For Beginners. 

If you are a blogger I personally requested you guys. You should be used all the tools. All the tools are totally free as available on the premium version. If you have any issue regarding blogging so you can contact me any time I will help any you can contact me also you can join my Telegram group.

Top10 Blogging Tools For Beginners


Grammarly is the most important tool for bloggers. It’s helpful while you writing any blog. If you write the incorrect word while you writing the blog its helps to correct the words or highlight as well correct the phrase while you write the incorrect paragraph.

It’s a very commonly used tool used by every blogger or many business owners already used. If you are a beginner so you should be used this tool.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

It’s available on google extension and also software available. Free and premium versions are available but you can use the free version if you are a beginner. You can download the google extension from google chrome totally free version are available.

If you want to use the premium version so can also use it after buying the key I have to share the premium cost details with features below of this paragraph.

Premium Features

  • Improve the clarity
  • Enhance vocabulary
  • Strike the right tone
  • Avoid Plagiarism

Premium Plan

  1. Anual charge= $144
  2. Quarterly=$60
  3. Monthly=  $30

If you want to buy the Premium version so you have to go with the yearly plan. Because if you buy this plan per month cost is  $12 so go with the yearly plan

2. Canva

Canava is very helpful to every blogger. Its help to make poster/ media and videos also you can edit the nanny pictures on canvas. It’s totally free. If you are a blogger sp really know how to edit the image and make the thumb lines

So if you are a beginner so I personally recommended you should go with the canvas. Because it’s much better as compared to Photoshop or picart. Because it’s providing the free features those features are providing in the premium features by another graphic tool.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

In canvas, you can make the thumb line. Instagram posts, posters, resumes, videos, youtube clipart, and more many features are available you can download the mobile version from the google play store, and it’s also available on the browser you can download or edit the post.

Premium Features

In the Free plan,

  •  250,00000 templates Free
  • 100+Desigin type (Social media/posts presentation etc)
  • Hundreds of photos free
  • Hundreds of graphics free
  • 5 GB Cloud storage

Canva Pro (3999 Per year)

  • Everything is free
  • 100 million stocks of photos, audio, video, and graphics
  • 610,000+ premium stocks photos
  • Remove the background easily, free watermark
  • 100 GB cloud storage
  • Schedule the social media content
  • You can resize the design
  • Youn can save the design or templates

Free Plan (0)Canva Enterprise (11000 Per Month)

  • Only for 5 people
  • Ultimate storage
  • Singal sign-on SOO
  • 24/7 Customer supports
  •   More features can see in the below screenshot
Top Blogging Tools For Beginners


Quora is a platform where you can ask the question and also you can answer the people query. From the Quera you can get content ideas according to your blog niche.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

Also, you can generate traffic from quora. Where you can answer the public by your link also generate the traffic by the sharing link It’s the most popular website where you can generate the traffic without paying any cost.

Quora is totally free platform from where you can share your content and gain traffic on your website and also you can make the backlink from quora.

4.Keywords Everywhere

Keyword everywhere is the most popular tool use by every blogger. It helps you when you find any keywords it allows to you check the CPC, search volume of the keywords.

It’s very powerful to get the best keywords. It very helps full to get an idea about the Ttile of keywords and also helps to get more keywords ideas by search keywords.


Its totally free tools are also available on the Google extension. You can download and use it for your blog and get the best keyword idea from this tool.


Top 10 keywords search tool

5.Google Trends

Google Trends is the most popular tool used by users. It’s a very powerful free tool that helps to find the trending keywords for your blog. It helps to find the trending query search by the reader in google.

There are lots of keywords tools are available but they providing the charging for search this data but google is not taking any charge for this. It’s totally free you can check the unlimited time without paying any cost.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

If you are a beginner s you should be used for checking the keywords and this will help to get more traffic on your website. Its browser you check on google trends and find out the best keywords for a blog.

6.Google Search Console

Google Search Console tool is the most required tool for every blogger. It should be used by every blogger. Because of its help to monitor, maintain, and turbo shot of your website. presence of google.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

With help of the Google Search console tool, you can check your ranking keywords, impression on the website, total click on the website also you can compare the back month months data with your currents months.

Also, you can check the total backlink on your websites also you can monitor off all the website errors in the blogs. It helps to improve the ranking of your website.

7.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is most powerful for any website. This helps to analyze the data of your site like user/user location, new user vs old user, etc its automatically saves all the website data of your website and you can any time analyze the data.

You can access a wide range of data reports on traffic and website visitors’ behaviors with the google account. This tool is totally free of cost also paid version is available.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

This tool is available to anyone with a google account. But need to add your website to google analytics then you can analyze the website data.

Google Analytics helps know characteristics of website audience, how many people are converted into visitors more many things also help to guys and how a user arrives on your website.


Ubersuggest is the most popular keyword research tool. which are helping to find the best keywords for your website. With help of this tool, you can find one of the best keywords by using this tool

Ubersuggest is available on free as well as premium versions. It allows 3 keywords can be searched per day by using this tool that’s 3 keywords per day in a month total of 90 keywords you can search.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

It’s very popular nowadays so can buy a subscription for unlimited projects you can do by using these tools. Also, you can track the keywords and check the keywords opportunity by using this tool so it’s an important tool for a website that helps to find the keywords.

Premium Features

In premium 2 types of subscription are available But I personally recommended you if you are a beginner so you should go with the free plan you can analysis free cost. After that you want to go with a premium plan so can go with 2 types of plan

  • Monthly
  • Lifetime

If you want to go with the monthly plan so can go in the monthly plan you can choose according to the website more details are can see the below screenshot.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

If you want o go with the lifetime plan so can buy but it’s better than the monthly plan. so if want to go with the premium version you should choose a lifetime plan.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners



Mozbar is the most popular tool nowadays. It introduces the DA and PA of the website also helps find the keywords, website audit and more many features are available.

It is provided free and premium services. But you have installed this to tool check the DA and PA of the website. Whenever you search any keywords on google then below of the find keywords DA and PA will be showing the keywords.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

As you can see on the bellow of the screenshot and also show whenever you will be open any website and upper side of the screen DA and PA will be showing as you can see on the screenshots.

Also, we can know the spam score of the website whenever you will open any website its will be showing just the right of DA and PA score. So you should install this tool to know thE DA, PA, and spam score of the website.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

You can download the Moz extension from google chrome without any cost so must be installed for your website.

10.Plagiarism duplichecker

Plagiarism is most of the popular websites for check the plagiarism of the content. It directly shows your content is how much unique. These tools are also available in a premium version where you can check more than 10000 words at a time.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

If you do not buy this tool so you can check the plagiarism 1000 words at a time. So if you are a beginner so don’t need to buy this tool. You can go with the free plan.

In this tool, you can check the backlink, keywords position. paraphrasing tool. Also, we can count the words in these tools.


Hunter is a popular tool that helps to find the email of a website. If you need the email of any websiite and the website is not provided the email on the website so you can find them easily with help of this tool.

This tool is totally free of cost is available on the google extension you can download and use it to collect the email address required.

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12.Word Counter

Wordcounter is a blogging tool. This helps you count the words of content if you have to be required to count the keywords. It’s available on the free as well premium version. If you are a beginner so you don’t need to buy the premium version. You can use the free version.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

In which we can also check the grammar of the content. In which we can check the content by link as well by put the whole content in the main body.


SERPROBOT is helpful to find the position of the keywords. In which we can check the separate keywords. In SERPROBOT we can find the 5 keywords at a time as you can see on the screenshot.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

It’s available on the free and premium versions according to the requirement you can find your ranking position of the keywords. But we have to fill the keywords manually but it’s more helpful when we find the separate keywords of your website.

It’s also available on the premium version and free version. If you are a beginner so you can go with the free version.

14.Image optimization

Image optimization is a more helpful tool for a blogger. If you are a blogger so you should be download this tool. It helps to compress the image size.

Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

In WordPress lots of image compression tools are available but in blogger, no tools are available so you can use the tool to compress the image. This tool is totally free of cost.

If you are a blogger so you should go with this tool and reduce the image size and increasing the website speed. So if you are a blogger so must use this tool.

15.Character count

This is an amazing tool for every blogger. So if you are a blogger it’s a tool for you to improve the SEO of the blog. Yes with the help of these tools improving the SEO of the page.

While you writing the content so obesity you need the Perfect SEO title, meta description, and URL so with help of these tools you can set tall these things in a single tool.

So you must be used this tool and it’s totally free-of-cost tool so you can use it from today other your wish.


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