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Hey..!Hope you are fine. Every Blogger Know keywords is the most important part of the content while you writing the content  that’s why we are more focusing on the keywords
Today we will discuss the keywords research tools free and Best way keyword research way so if don’t know don’t worry I will tell you. So you have to read my entire article till the last and I will teach you with the image and proof so stay till the last.

So are you Guys Ready..! Let’s Go

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The keyword is a word that describes the valuable content of a page or post. It is the search term that you want to Rank for a certain page when keywords are searched by people on any search engine like Google, Bing, and Youtube they should find that post on your website
A keyword maybe be in a single word, It’s maybe more than signal words there are 3 types of keywords it depends on you which are you selected

#a.Type of Keywords:- 


#Short-tail Keyword- 
Short tail keywords are made of more than two words and less than three words. short-tail keywords are also called the Head keywords
Short-tail keywords are very high search volume keywords and also very competitive keywords. this keyword can take time for rank up or may not take time for rank up.
#b.Long-tail keywords:- Long-tail keywords are more than three words. These keywords very low competitive keywords. its have a low search volume this keyword may take more time to rank up the keywords
#C.Short-term fresh keyword:- 
These keywords may be short or my belong these keywords are Trending keywords. means that a keyword for famous for short time like if any will be Realised that movie will be trending for some days not permanent. when again new movie will be released then old movie get down that’s a type of keywords are short term keywords
#dLong term evergreen keywords:- Long term ever keywords are those keywords always increasing the rate of volume not decrease. that keyword has always a huge search volume and a very high competitive keyword. like YOUTUBE is the Long Term Ever Green Keywords
Importance of keyword:- Keyword is important because the linchpin between the people is searching for the content you are providing to fill the need.
The keyword helps to rank up your page or post. when we use this according to the SEO Policy then it can be increasing and rank up your article and you can be famous. so why select the Keyword as The SEO POLICY.

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2.Keyword Generator/ Keyword tool)

 There is a lot of ways to research the tool. if you not a beginner so you have less difficulty finding the keywords if you are a beginner so may you have more difficulty researching the keywords. When I was a beginner I had faced up a lot of problems while researching the keywords. I made a lot of mistakes during starting but now those mistakes you will not do. I will tell my personal experience. so if are a beginner and learn about the keyword so read up the article till at the end I will your best way to Research the keywords
Google Trends is one of the most popular websites where you can know about trending articles. According to the blog topic, you can search on Google trends and you can also select the trending keywords if keywords are matching with your topic.
best way to 2B research 2Bthe 2Bkeywords google 2B trends

As You Can See in the picture. On the Right-hand side of the picture, you can see the United States click on this and select your country and then now search the topic those you want and also you know about the topic are trending are not and you can also know from this, which topic was trending for how long.

It this very helpful to know about the trending topic.
This very helps for who writes the newsmaker that’s very easy for news blog with the help of Goggle trending. it’s very easy to use so you can use it to select the keywords.
#b.Social Media
Social Media is one the best free platform to know about trending articles and select keywords. from social media, we can know the trending article through the people in the world 3.8 billion people are using the social media platform from the social media you can now select the keyword and make the article. Facebook, Twitter Linkedin. and Instagram people are used #hastags for share posts, and from the #hashtag, you can select the  keywords
You select from the #hasgtag trending from Twitter. You can know about the audience requirement and then you can select the keywords this is a cheap and free platform for research the keywords
You can also make a page on Instagram and add the story also know about the audience requirement and then you can select the keywords. you ask the live question  to the audience and select the keywords
Whatsapp Groups and tell gram groups you can join and you can be select the keywords according to your audience.
#cVisit Website
Visit the Competitor website and check the comment section what the needs of the competitor audience from the comment sections you can select the keywords.

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#dQuestion Hub

Questions hub is the Google platform where peoples want solutions. Question Hub has millions of questions that are pending from the years and present time so we can select the questions and make the keywords. this one of the best places to select the keywords. you can also use and select the keywords
best-way-to -research the keywords-google -trends
As you can see on the picture first of all sign up for the Question hub then the Go-to → Settings on the right side Click on the website and fell your domain name and then active the website on the question hub.
Now you can see on the picture on the left side click on Add Question then as your blog
best way to 2B research 2Bthe 2Bkeywords google 2B trends 3

the category you can add the questions and  you can get the idea about the Keywords so this the best place for research the keywords there are millions of keywords available without any cost

best way to 2B research 2Bthe 2Bkeywords google 2B trends 4
If you do not get your category so can write your topic on the search bar and search for your topic
#e.Ask to Audience:- 
According to me if your blogger so then will have social media accounts like Instagram, youtube, FB page, so you ask your audience what they went, know your audience need and use audience poll then you easy to select the topic or keywords.

3.Keyword Research Tool Free 

After Selecting the keywords we need to analyze the keywords. For analysis of the keywords, we have required some tools to know about the keywords difficulty, CPC, search volume so it must be used after selecting the keywords
Now we will discuss the keywords tools. because it helps to know about the keywords difficulty and can be analyzed the keywords by the tools so here the list of Research Tool Free For Blog so you can use some tools are totally free of cost some tools also have free cost plan so you can use. I personally suggest to you if are a beginner so used the all the tools and read up article at till the end I full guide you about the tools

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#a.Answer The Public

Answer the public one of the best keywords tools this tool is premium and we search the 10 keywords per month .when we search the one keyword then it gives them more than fifty keywords ideas in a different way. this tool has a lot of features as compared to all free tools. this tool has alphabetically keywords, related keywords, keywords vs keywords, and more many features. I will tell you in full detail so let’s go

you can see them on the picture when you write your keywords and select your country and search for any keyword. I search the free yoga class so can see the next picture I got a lot of keywords idea from this tool.

I search for the free yoga class and you can see got a related keywords idea from the tools like how. where, when, will which these words you can use with the title see on the pictures.
Keyword Research Tool Free

These tools also analyze the related keywords idea you can see their lot of Related keywords are showing in the display

These tools are analysis the Keywords in Alfphabaticallly means that like I find the keyword Free Yoga Class then I got some related keywords in the form of alphabetically like
keyword-research-tool-free (2)
see on the picture I got 191 more keywords. this is the one best tool for research the keywords, you can get more than 300+ keywords idea in a signal search so you can use it. don’t need to buy the upgrade tool.
Word Tracker is also Free and upgrades the tools. This is one of the best tools millions of people are used these tools. This tool has advanced features  as compared to other tools,
keyword-research-tool-free-world -tracker1

If are a beginner so you don’t upgrade these tools you can get the 10 keyword search in the months. When you search any keywords then you got the 5 keywords idea so you can get the 50 keywords idea without any cost so its more beneficial for keywords idea

keyword-research-tool-free-world -tracker
if you buy it so you will get three Tiers with the monthly payments. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. if see; etc bronze so you have to pay $27 per month if you select the Silver so have to pay  $69 per month and for Gold tiers, you have to pay $99 per month. it’s your choice which tiers are you selected
I Personally suggest you select the free trial version. In which you will get the 10 keywords search per month so will get the 50 keywords idea without any cost so don’t need to upgrade it
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Soolve is the best tool because this tool does not need to pay for more keywords. in this tool, we can search keywords for all the search engines like Google, yahoo,,, bing, youtube, and Wikipedia and get the result separately as you can see in the picture
keyword-research-tool-free-world -tracker

wherever you search any keywords then its will show you separately with all search engine and also search a lot of keywords without any cost so you can use also to searching the keywords

KeywordTool is those tools that can be searched for all Serch engines like google, FB, Instagram, Google, yahoo, bing, play store, Amazon, eBay, youtube, and bing this tool is best for marketing. can say its one best marketing tools also we can be used for the  blog
keyword research tool free keyword tool

we can also get Instagram and Twitter hashtag keywords from these tools and not need to pay for upgrading these very amazing tools for marketing. if your member and afflicted marketer so you can use these tools without any cost.

You can also increase your followers and increasing your followers without any cost. this tool has a lot of features that can be used for marketing.
These are the most trusted tools and a lot of top company are also used these tools so can also use these tools. There is no need to pay for an upgrade version  you can free of cost
#e.KTD Keyword Tool Dominator
This tool is also we can use for marketing this tool has a lot of free features. This tool has an upgrade version so if you are a beginner so don’t need to upgrade the tools you can use without an upgrade version you can use the free trial version

You can search the 2 keywords per day when you search the keyword then you can get more than 100 keywords idea and means that 200 keywords idea per day without any cost  so you can also used this


you can get the top 10 list for your keywords. you can also know how many backlinks are required for the top 10 and also analyze how many keywords are required for the top 10 this tool is amazing you can use it if want to use it. this tool also tells the related keywords idea more than 500 per search and also analysis the ranking of the keywords

The journey of the a thousand miles begains with the single step – Lao Tzo

#f.Keyword In
in this tool, we can generate the keyword within a different form. in these tools, we can also be generating the domain name. When you select the generate keyword then your screen interface will be shown as the pictures as you can see them on the picture
as you can see on the image four boxes are showing so on the box write your keyword on the box and also match bar options are available on the up the search you can select any one option according to your requirement. the option is an Exact match, Pharis Match, and Broad match

if you want to Exact match keywords so can click on the exact, phrase match this for those keywords that are used in Phrase. so you can get the free keywords idea without any paying cost.

#g.Key Serch
A key search is one of the best free tools. this is totally free we search the keywords without any paying cost. this tool has also a free plan available. where you can generate your keywords, analysis of keywords, we can 5 keywords analysis per day with these tools without any paying cost.
An easy-to-use lighting fast web-based system.No need to software install can check the keyword difficulty, and also get the Suggestion of keywords from these keywords tools. also, we can check the backlinks, rank tracking, SEO Competition Analysis, a website audit can be a check on these tools.

this tool has three plans one is free, the second is the Starter Plan, and the third is the Pro plan. if are a beginner so I suggest you select the free plan because everything is the same for all plans but some things are chang. rank tracker and competitive analysis are time not same but the free plan is all most are same with  upgrade plans

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#h.Key Surfer
Keyword Surfer is one of the best Google Chrom Extension which is helo to find the keywords idea. whenever we search on google these tools are so amazing tools that beget the free live result
as you can see on the picture when I search on google then on the search bar you can see the result are shown by the Keywords Surfer. This tool helps to any keywords search volume and CPC of the keywords
Now click on the View all then your screen will be a show like that and you can get the full analysis result on your screen. with help of this keyword we can be known about the audience age, search volume, how many mobile users, and desktops user and also tell about the SEO difficulty and paid difficulty
#i.Keyword Everywhere
Keyword Everywhere is the Goggle Chrom Extension tool that will help you find the keywords which have a lot of new features and very helpful for research the keywords this one of the most common tools used by peoples. can be said out of 100 /98 people are using these tools.

we can live check take keywords by these tools. when I search on google then you can see on the screen on the image. On the right, the side has shown the 50 Related Keywords are showing keywords we can also use these keywords on our articles. Bottom of the Related keyword  shown keywords are already searched by the people these keywords also you can be used for your article]

We can get the directly Data Embedded Directly In Google SERP’s. as you can see on the image and Every URL IN GOOGLE SERP’ – that are showing total monthly traffic and as well showing the total number of Keywords are rank of the URL. When you click on the URL then you will get the 5000 keywords that are for rank up
#j.Bulk Keyword Generator
Bulk Keyword Generator is one best marketing SEO Tools which has advanced technological features we can use these tools without any cost this tool has the SEO Audit, SEO Service, Web site Design, Link Building, E-commerce SEO, Franchise SEO, and more many features, its also help to find the keywords without any paying cost

Mistakes are growing pains of wisdom- Willam George Jorden

#k.Uber Suggest
Uber Suggest is one of mostly used by the people tools it’s free of cost tools. we can find the 10 keywords in a day also get the 10 keywords suggestion with top 10 ranked details can be got by these tools. this tool is so amazing tools. Uber Suggest is Founded by the Neli Patels. this tool has a lot of features  also we can use the website audit, backlinks details, keywords research,
keyword research tool free uber suggest


As you can see on the image I search out the keywords Free yoga class so as you can see results are showing searching volume, SEO Difficulty, and Paid difficulty also showing the CPC of the keyword so  you can see this keyword has a high CPC if you want to use this keyword so you can use it
keyword research tool free uber suggest2

You can see on the image 273 keywords idea in a signal search of keywords. also, we can get more details of any keywords when we click on any keyword then your screen will be shown like bottom Image as you can see on the picture↓↓↓˅˅˅˅˅˅


When you click on the first click then your screen will;l show like ↑↑↑↑↑↑ that then click on the second after the second click you will be got the details of your competitor of keywords details without any cost. this will help you for writing the content and you can also know the content quality of the Competitor

#m. Keyword shutter

Keywords shutter is keywords research free tools which very help full for Research the keyword idea. This tool is totally free of cost no need for an upgrade. so after selecting the keywords then search on the google Keyword Shutter then write your keyword on the search bar. In these tools, we can analyze the keywords. like SEO, keyword CPC, keywords search volume and all.


as you see on the image write your keywords on the search box then click on the search keywords

After the click then it will start searching the keywords this tool will give you a lot of keywords idea and when you stoping then it will be stopped and then you can download the data used it
#n.Keyword Shitter
Keyword shitter is one of the best tools. this tool can be upgraded in four tires Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Silver tiers. The upgrade is not first required. It’s your wish if want does upgrade you can and if you don’t want an upgrade.
This tool is very similar to the shutter so same as type your keyword on the search boss then click on the start
After clicks on the stay bottom then the tool will be run continues. When you click on the stop then it stops and then can copy all the keywords idea on your save place. in these tools we get the unlimited keywords idea without any cost so if you want to the beginner so can be used without any cost

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