Top Free Google Chrome Extensions For Blogger


Top Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Hey, Guys Hope you are fine in these crazy days. Please tell me about yourself in the comment section today we will discuss the Top Free Google Chrome Extensions For Blogger. If you are a blogger so you have to really require all these Google Chrome Extensions. All these Chrome Extensions will help you to the growth of your blogging.

All the Google Chrome Extensions are free available in the chrome web store you can download them. If you are a beginner so you should download all of them. All these extensions are more popular on the google or chrome web store.

Some of the extensions will help you know competitors’ details like that DA, PA, of the blog. Some of the extensions will help you know externals how many links they added on their page, also you will be known CPC, search volume, email address of any blog owner.

Whenever you try to search that any keywords so some of Google Chrome Extensions will help you know the keywords CPC, the search volume of keyword also help to you ranking of your website lots of type of google extensions are available in the chrome web store so you can download from the chrome web store

Best google chrome extensions for bloggers

1. Grammarly:-

Grammarly is a tool that is useful for bloggers. When you write a blog that helps to improve the content quality. It helps to correct the spelling also helps to improve the paragraph content it also helps to improve punctuation and even plagiarism.

Basically, Grammarly is a tool that helps improve mistakes or make sure everything you type correctly or not and make readable content. Grammarly tool is an indication of your incorrect spelling, flags potential issues in the text, and also suggests the paragraph words, words, plagiarism, punctuation

Grammarly extension is also available on chrome store you can download free without any cost. If your blog writer, you should download it.

2. Keyword Everywhere:-

Keyword anywhere is a tool that helps to find the perfect keywords for your blog. It’s a very popular Google Chrome Extensions For Blogs. It’s used by every blogger. If you are a blogger so must be used it.

It helps to find the related keywords and people are also searching for. Whenever you find any keywords on google then you will get the result automatically on the right corner of the screen.

You will get related keywords which you will search on google and also show that people are already searched on google.

So if you are a blogger so you can download this on your computer and you get more keywords ideas after downloading this chrome extension.

3. Keyword Surfer:-

Keyword suffer is also helpful to find the perfect keywords for your blog so if you are a blogger you should download it. Because it’s one of the best Google Chrome Extensions Keywords suffer has some more features than keywords anywhere.

It helps to find the keywords idea, Correlation chart, CPC of keywords, and search volume of the keywords you can get 4 ideas in a single tool.

In the Keywords idea, you will get more keywords whenever you will keywords find them in the search query. In the Correlation chart you compare the total traffic on the search engine of searching keyword, total words It tells which domain has written the blog of how many words.

It also finds the CPC of keywords and total search volume of keywords so if want to want to download so you can download it from the chrome extension store.

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4. Ubersuggest:-

Ubersuggest is the most popular tool. It is the one of best Google Chrome Extensions For Blogger. which help to find the keywords CPC, search volume, SEO matric and CPC, and search volume of the related keywords.

This means that you can find out the related keywords with the CPC and search volume. These features are only available on the only uber suggestion. You can also download them. It’s a very helpful full and powerful google extension so you can download it from the google extension store.

5. MOZ BAR:-

Moz bar is one of the best power in the google extension store. It’s also available for the website audit, it also helps full for keywords research, link on the website, etc. but in google extension, it helps find the spam score of the domain, DA, PA and also we checkout the total referral link on the particular page or website.

Moz Bar is also a free extension are available on the google chrome extension. Everyone can download it. It helps to find the DA and PA of another website also you can check the spam score of the website.

6. Hunter:-

Hunter is one of the most powerful for checking the email address of any website by using of website link. Hunter is a free google extension you can download from the google store.

If you want to make backlinks from any website and the website owner has not provided the email address so when you can take the website owner email address by using Hunter

so you can use it to get any owner email address by using of hunter

7. Streak:-

Streak is one of the most powerful Emails marketing chrome extensions. Which is very helpful to every email marketer. Streak is allowed to users tracking the emails also reminding to the user for sand a mail to clint

This means that whenever we sent a mail to anyone then you track the mail. when he checked your mail and in which location checked your mail. When you opens your mail means that we can track the email when we sent to mail to anyone.

Every seller can use it for your client and track your mail and not only seller can be anyone can use it for tracking the email address


Adblock is a tool that is one of the best tools for stopping the google ad for another website. whenever install it then you are not able to see ads on other websites.

Which are free google extension tools available on the google chem store you can download it


Character counter is more helpful to every blogger platform user. It’s also available on the chrome extension and on the free version.

Character counter help to improve the SEO of bloggers. its measures the URL, Title character, and meta description of the blogger.

If you are using blogger so you can download it to improve the SEO of the blogger. In the case of WordPress users they can download the plugin and improve the SEO and in the case of bloggers, no plugins are available so if want to use it download it and improve the On-page SEO of your blog.


Alex Ranking is one of the best google extension its help to measure the ranking of your website. Whenever you click on another website and if you want to check the Alexa ranking of the website so it will indicate on your screen If the app is installed

It’s also a free version available on the google extension store you can download it and check out the website ranking.


Google Extension is one of the most useful translators which helps translate any language to your required language.

Google translate extension is reducing of time for translating any language. It helps to translate the other website language. Whenever you go to another language website so when it automatically translate the language on the wished language.

If you have issues reading the other language so you can  download this extension from the google chrome extension store

12. Similar web:-

A similar web is one of the powerful Google Chrome Extensions which are for every blogger to know the traffic source of visitors also allow the website traffic, keywords ranking, also traffic source.

It’s one of the most popular and free google chrome extensions which helps every blogger to know ranking traffic sources and analyze the traffic of the website


SEO minion is one of the Best Google Chrome Extensions For bloggers which is more helpful to improving the On-page SEO of the blogger. So if are a blogger so must download it to improve the SEO of the website.

It helps to improve the URL, Title, meta description, remove the red-eye SERP, Link off broken links we can improve by using these tools so you can use WordPress as well for WordPress to improve the on-page SEO of the website.


It’s a very useful tool for every YouTuber or blogger. if want to add any short video on your blog so you use this google Chrom extension.

It’s totally free google chrome extension available on the google chemo store you can download it from it and make short videos for channels or blogs.


15. SEO Quack:-

SEO quack is one of the best Google Chrome Extensions and the most popular google extensions which are allowed to know the ranking of a website or a specific page of the website.

Its mention on the upper side of the page of the website when you open on the and while searching the keywords its show on the bottom of the keywords.

It helps to measure the Alexa ranking, bing ranking yahoo ranking, google ranking, also show the traffic source of the website. We can know all the search engine ranking on a single tool.

Frequently asked questions F&Q

Qus.1:-Google Chrom Extension is free?

Ans:- Most of the google extensions are free you can download them from the google chrome store. Some of the extension has a subscription charge but you can use the free version if are beginners

Qus:-2:-List of Best google chrome extensions for bloggers.

1. Grammarly

2. Keyword Everywhere

3. Keyword Surfer

4. Ubersuggest


6. Hunter

7. Streak





12. Similar web



15. SEO Quack


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