Top 10 Writing Tips For Bloggers In 2020 | Full guide and detail

Top 10 Writing Tips For Bloggers In 2020 | Full guide and detail

top-10-writing-tips-for- bloggers-in-2020

If you are a blogger so must know about the How to Write a blog. Because of the writing of content with the use of all SEO tools, you must be aware of all strategies. If you don’t know so must know about it.
If you are a beginner so first you should learn about the SEO Tools, Content writing, and all more things.
Today I will share with you my last 2 summers’ my experience with you all guys. I had face-up a lot of problems during my beginner journey. Before the start of my journey. I had learned about the blog, after that, I had done some mistakes so today I will tell you guys about How to Write a blog and because I want to you don’t do the same mistake so that’s why I am sharing with you 

I hear and i forget.I see and i remember.I do and i understand   

First of all, I want to say if you are a beginner so must be knowledgeable about Blogger. if you don’t know so don’t worry Click Here and learned up. 

So Are You Get Ready Guys…..! So Let’s Go


  1. Key Words
  2. Unique Content
  3. Use Quotes
  4. SEO Friendly Image
  5. Grammarly
  6. SEO Tools
  7. Informational Content

#1Keyword for blogger:-  

Before writing an article, it is more important to find its keyword than that. Without keyword how can we write an article so first find the keywords then write articles? if don’t know to write how to select the keyword so I can help you without any cost Click here and learn up the free tutorial for How to select the keywords. To select the keywords we need some tool don’t worry am I tell you without any cost.

Click Here For the full article

For Selecting the keywords first of all we should be select the topic. which topic does want to write an article? then find on the GOOLE then see the exiting articles and read up and use a 
Google Extension Tools Keyword Surfer Tools to find the keyword idea. that tools help to find the keyword idea and you select some keywords and save on your notepad. Keyword Suffer link is mention in this. You can see in the picture in the right-hand list of keywords are shown now copy and paste on your notepad.


                                           Keyword Surfer Chrom Extension
Second is Serch your keyword on the google now scroll down the page at the end of the page you can see on the picture there are some keywords are available now clicking on any keywords and see the result save some keywords from the result on your Notepad. also, use 
more tools Now we need used so tools for selecting the keywords through tools so now am telling you list of keywords tool

The first draft is just you telling yourself the story 

         -Terry Pratchett
Best Free Keywords Tools
UBER SUGGEST:- After Selecting the keyword now search the Uber Suggest and search your keyword now check the SD and PD. SEO DIFFICULTY and PD means Paid Difficulty. If you are a beginner so select the low PD and SD keyword because of there chance of rank up your keywords. so can see on the picture Serch volume is high and also has the Low SD and PD So you can select that type keyword for content it’s easy to rank wand with high cpc


Now check all no of the volume of keyword and also check See the how many wards are in the articles of all those who are in the top 10. Noe if want to rank up the article so you have to
Now you have to write words of more than those top 10 articles there lot chance of rank the keywords
There are lot tools are available for select the keyword so if want use them you can use fir long Rank keyword here the list is mention side of the paragraph 
Uber Suggest
keyword Surfer
Moz Bar
keywords shelter 
If you want more learn up about the Keywords How to select the Long Time Rank Keyword so can Click here for more full details. Click Here

Thats why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence 

          – Octavia E. Butler 

#2Unique Content

After Selecting the keyword now its turn the write the content I will according to my past experience so if are a beginner so follow all tips for Unique Content. After Selecting a keyword now collect the information about the keywords make A Note don’t copy any other data while writing an article, don’t use any google image because of you can’t copyright on the image, if you are a beginner so you should be don’t do that because then you will not be able to get Google ADS so I personally suggest you don’t use google image. If want to use google image so can use after editing of the image and always use the low kb with a high pixel image its help to the optimization of the blog and increase the speed of blog
In starting of the article write a Headline of the article that doesn’t make long paragraphs because of its makes bore to reader always make more than 50 words in a single paragraph in a staring. In the staring of the article make less word paragraphs it makes the reader to interesting to read the article. Always use the image with pheragraph  with picture reader better understand the topic of articles also you can use the videos on the articles its makes to easier to understand what do you want to say in the article.

#3Use Quotes

While you writing articles you can use Quotes it makes moire interesting while some read the articles. Readers doest not get bored.You can be used the quotes according to your rivals. its crate the more interest in the articles. Reader Definitely will read the full article and here less chance of back bounce of the articles and increasing the session time of the articles so used this on the articles

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on

          Louis Amour 
You can use the image and text Quotes in the article. It also helps to rank up the article. so use this always while writing the post


If you want to increase the score of SEO so always use the SEO friendly image. don’t use the google image always use the free copyright image with Low Size with the high pixel image its helps to rank up the can download the image from the here the free image you can download without any copyright and SEO friendly image also you can download
top-10-writing-tips-for -bloggers in 2020


Grammarly is most important role while you writing the continent sometimes we write the wrong sentence while writing the article so Grammarly is helping highlight the wrong line and then suggest the correct line for the sentence so while writing an article always used it 
you can also use Chrom Extension of Grammarly and activate while you writing the article

#6SEO Tools

While you writing content so there required counting the words for check how much words continent have you write its can help to counts of words. A beginner should be used these tools because for new bloggers we have to write the maximum 1000 word article for google ads policy. If you don’t do this you will not able to approval for Google Ads so i recommended you use this and count the articles before publishing

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you

          -Maya Angelou 

#7informationl Content

Your Content should be informational because if you write a story type, articles its rank up on google so always right the informational and unique articles so then can be a rank up the article. always write the articles for readers not google. Your sentence should be in a simple words in a  single line, not more line. if your sentence we can write in a single line so why we write in 2 lines so I want to say  always write a sentence in simple in a short line

#8Write For Reader Not For Google

Sometimes we write a post according to the Google SEO For ranking purpose or google policy so we should be always focused on the Valuable and informational unique content. If your articles helpful for the reader so then he will come back again on the your website and share also with the other so try to make your content informational and valuable


top 10 writing tips for bloggers in 2020 1

People when reading articles they always read the only informational thing. so when we use bullets points with pints then peoples are more focusing on the bullet points and stay on articles there less chance to back bounce from the articles so use bullets point where are required 

#10use Jump Link

If your Content is long so always use the jump link add ed on the content section its help to people find those points What they want to read. its help make happy to the er and you also save the reader time and then there is a chance of reader will back on your website

If the book is true ,it will find an audiance that is meant to read it

           -Wally Lamb 

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