Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List

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Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List

Hey, Guys hope you are fine. Please tell me about you in the comments sections. So today we will discuss the Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List.

Technical SEO tools also help to improve your SEO and help to rank up the articles. There are lots of tools are available on google but I share commonly required and every blogger should be used all these Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List.

If you want to learn about the Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List please read this article until the end.

1.Google Search Console

By far, the Google Search Console is the primary SEO tool you need for your Website. You can use the tool by doing a DNS verification.

Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List

It helps you prepare comprehensive SEO reporting and understand the problems that may hurt your Website’s SEO.

It helps fix issues by tracking the traffic and performance of your Website. Furthermore, you can set up alerts for spam, indexing, or other SEO issues your Website encounters.

Compared to Google Analytics, the Google Search Console is more search-engine oriented. You can use this tool to improve your presence and visibility in SERPs.

2.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a user-oriented SEO tool that you can use to analyze traffic and user behavior. The tool helps you track sources of traffic, applications, social networking sites, videos, and Flash on your Website.

Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List

You can use Google Analytics to collect website data, device functionality, content, user experience, and customer behavior.

It can help you identify issues with traffic like high bounce rates and any penalties you might face. If used correctly, Google Analytics can help you increase the ROI from your Website.

3.Google Pagespeed Insights

Google Pagespeed Insights does what the name suggests. This tool analyzes the content on your webpage. Further, it suggests ways to increase your page load time for both desktop and mobile versions of the Website.

Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List

Yet, you must note that Pagespeed Insights uses approximations. Hence, you can always use additional tools for page metrics testing. A good page speed score is 90+.

You must optimize your mobile and desktop versions to ensure that your page load time is fast and your Website ranks better on SERPs.


SEMRush is a versatile SEO tool. You can use it for traffic analysis, site audit, and keyword research. SEMRush is one of the best tools to use for effective content marketing.

The tools and reports available from SEMRush are extremely useful for campaign management, gaining marketing insights, competitive research, SMM, and PPC. You can try it for free with limited functionality.

To explore and use the tool to its full potential, you need to purchase a subscription plan. SEMRush claims that they provide accurate data for keywords and other technical research.


For technical link analysis, Ahrefs is among the essential tools to have. You can use Ahrefs for keyword research, competitor analysis, website ranking analysis, and analyzing the SEO of your Website.

Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List

You can also use this tool to search for content that performs well on a specific keyword and create a content strategy accordingly. Using the word cloud feature, you can identify anchor text issues that impact your Website.

You can additionally use Ahrefs to identify missing backlinks and fix the problem.

6.Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a crawler and advanced SEO site audit tool. You can locally install the tool to your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC/ Laptop.

Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List

The tool helps you understand what a search spider would detect when crawling your Website. It crawls the Website from an SEO perspective, including the CSS, images, and links.

The tool can help you identify common technical SEO issues like errors in canonicals, URLs, response codes, large images, or missing metadata like descriptions and page titles.

Advanced settings can further help fix international SEO and pagination issues as well.


A detailed analysis from MozBar can provide essential insights about your Website. You can use this tool to understand domain authority, page authority, page meta, schema markup, and page load time.

Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List

It is a free all-in-one SEO toolbar and is compatible with Google Chrome. MozBar functions as a browser extension, making it easy to install and use. It is a decent tool for professional SEO of small websites which do not require specific suggestions.

If you’re a regional or small business owner, the tool can be very powerful in boosting your SEO within a budget.


Ubersuggest is the most use full tool for improving SEO. It helps to improve the SEO and help to find the exact keywords. It’s available for free as a premium version. You can use the free version but 3 times a day means that 90 keywords on months you can find.


As well we can know the Website health and SEO status by the ubersuggest. It’s very simple to use. Its is also available in the chrome extension its decent tool for professional SEO of website which does not require specific suggestions.

If you’re a regional or small business owner, the tool can be very powerful in boosting your SEO within a budget.

9. Answer The Public

Answer the public one in every of the simplest keywords tools this tool is premium and that we search the ten keywords per month.
When we search one keyword then it offers them quite fifty keywords concepts in a very totally different approach. This tool encompasses a heap of options as compared to any or all free tools.
Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List
This tool has alphabetically keywords, connected keywords, keywords vs keywords, and additional several options.
 I will be able to tell you in full detail thus let’s go you will be able to see them on the image once you write your keywords and choose your country and rummage around for any keyword.
I search the free yoga category thus will see the next image I have got loads of keywords to plan from this tool.

10.KTD Keyword Tool Dominator

This tool is also we can use for marketing this tool has a lot of free features. This tool has an upgrade version so if you are a beginner so don’t need to upgrade the tools you can use without an upgrade version you can use the free trial version

Top 10 Tech SEO checklist List

You can search the 2 keywords per day when you search the keyword then you can get more than 100 keywords ideas and means that 200 keywords ideas per day without any cost so you can also used this

you can get the top 10 list for your keywords. you can also know how many backlinks are required for the top 10 and also analyze how many keywords are required for the top 10 this tool is amazing you can use it if want to use it. this tool also tells the related keywords idea more than 500 per search and also analysis the ranking of the keywords


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