Top 10 best Youtube Tools

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Top 10 Best YouTube Tools

Hey, Guys hope you are well on these crazy days. Please tell me about yourself in the comments section. Today we will discuss the Top 10 best Youtube Tools.

It’s evident that video promoting is here to remain. This, in turn, has placed a spotlight on the net video-sharing platform, YouTube.

Currently, the platform has two billion active users. that produces it the foremost in style social media platform once Facebook. With such an enormous audience, YouTube promotion has taken flight. these Top 10 best Youtube Tools will  help  you grow  your youtube channel

That being the same, making and promoting a video isn’t specifically child’s play. It’s undoubtedly far more complicated than making matter content. however, will that mean you must recoil from it? undoubtedly not.

Top 10 best Youtube Tools

1.Keyword Everywhere

The keyword everywhere is google extension as well firefox. It’s very commonly used by bloggers as well as by youtube. It allows the check the CPC, search volume, titles, keywords, and competition of the very keyword entered in a google search.

If you are a beginner so you should be used this tool. It helps you find keywords idea, CPC, and search volume and as well related keywords so if your YouTuber you should be used these tools. It’s a free-cost tool and you can download a chrome extension then you can use it.

Top 10 best Youtube Tools


  • We can download keywords in excel form
  • Search keywords by country
  • Allow to CPC of keywords
  • Analysis the page
  • Language and contrary support

Premium cost

  • Totally Free of cost

2.Vid IQ

Vid IQ is a learning website that offers video tutorials and allows for the analysis of the youtube video. It’s also available on Google Exenntions. which allows to user analyze the youtube data of the user as well other YouTuber.

Also, you can compare the competitor data with your account and then you make your video according to a competitor and you can get tag according to your video from the exiting videos.

Also, allow the like vs dislike of all videos of other YouTubers and you can analyze your old videos also new videos. It’s also available.

Top 10 best Youtube Tools


    • A high-level view of the analysis of the youtube channel.
    • Competitors analysis.
    • Alarm to top  trenndig viideo.
    • comparing your seats with another channel.
    • Help to make gambling.

Premium cost

  • The basic plan is $0/pm
  • PRO Plan is $ 7.50/pm
  • Boost plan $39/pm
  • Boost max plan $415/pm


Canva is graphic design software. It’s very popular software and it’s helpful full to every YouTuber to make clipart, thumb line, animations, graphics for videos, posts pictures, business cards and you can make end screen videos as well short videos.

Canva is not paid software it’s paid but you can make lots of pictures for youtube as a blogger. More many features are available on the canvas. I personally used this software and that’s why I personally recommended you guys should be used it for your youtube.

Top 10 best Youtube Tools

Premium Canva

Premium Features

  • 100,000+ templates open.
  • 10,00,000+ Graphic open.
  • WaterMark remove.

Premium Price

In the Premium version, you can buy for a year at 4000 INR cost and in US dollar 76 dollars around.


Pixel is the hub of the image where lots of images are available free of cost also premium images also available you can download your image according to requirements. Pixel is the most popular website for images.

Top 10 best Youtube Tools

In Pixel images lots of varients, lots of types of images and videos are available you can download the images or videos from the pixel without paying any cost or paid images videos also available,

If you are a photographer so you can sell your images there at your cost.


OBS is the most popular video recording stream software. This software is mostly youtube used for recording or streaming. I personally recommended you guys it very useful full software for recording the video as well you can be adjusting your audios, you can cut the videos, also you can trim the videos.

Top 10 best Youtube Tools

You can download these videos without any cost from the official website of obs. SO if you are a beginner and you want to start your youtube channel so you should download this software.

Premium Price

Its totally free plan software

6.YT Studio

YT Studio is the official software of youtube. This software every YouTuber used and if are a beginner so you should be used it helps the whole channel analyze by this software.

You can analyze the videos analytics, your watch time, subscribers, your viewers, also you can comparing your whole data with previous data and. you can check your copyrights clam, watch time also customization of your youtube channel.

Top 10 best Youtube Tools

It’s also available for phone apps and for laptops or computers on youtube app you can change the mode from the youtube and get more features as compare to youtube

Premium Features

No need for any premium features

Premium Price

$ 0.0

7.Lexis Audio

Lexis Audio is an audio recorder and audio editing software. It’s more important to make your audio perfect. Every blogger used this app. You should also use it for improving your audio or video.

Lexis audio is available for windows and also available for mobile versions. It’s totally free software that helps to bring audio editing.

Top 10 best Youtube Tools


  • Trim the audio
  • Reduce the background noise
  • Cast more than two audio.
  • Can change the audio effect.

Premium Features:-

In Premium features, you can record all these M4A, AC, WAVE, FLC, and WMA also you can copy and cut the audio,dlt, trim, fade in and fade out, noise reduction and you can recording into exiting file.

Premium Price


This software is so amazing its video making tool and takes your youtube content to the next level. With help of this tool, you create the animations for your videos and your video can be made professional video by using this tool.


  • To easy customization
  • Text Overlay Options
  • Different type Templates
  • Social Sharing options
  • Also, Access the 800.000 stuck footage video

Premium Features:-

  • It’s easy to use
  • Lots of templates
  • also supports 24/7

Premium Price

  • Also, Available free plan
  • Starting with $ 15 /PM
  • Plus Plan $29/PM
  • Unlimited Plan $49 PM
  • No need for any type of credit card


You know 10 millions+ YouTubers are available on youtube who always focus on the core content so much that they forget the take some important factor during upload the videos.

The headline is much important for your video because it helps the searcher. Whenever anyone searches for a video so tits easily get on the search list


It helps to find the find best headline for your videos also suggesting the right headline for your videos.

Premium Features:-

It’s Totally free-of-cost tool.

Premium Price

It’s Totally free-of-cost tool. $0


This social media management tool has some nice options to manage your YouTube channel. It allows users to observe their accounts, spot nasty trolls, and have interacted with their fans in a period of time.


  • Its help to separate inbox to organize youtube account
  • Easy to save the comments and reply
  • Also, check the brands and products mentioned
  • Also, manage multiple social media at a time.

Premium Features:-

  • User-friendly
  • Make comprehensive reports
  • Al type reports can e mak
  • .Easy to collaraationns

Premium Price

  • Medium price $ 99/pm
  • Large plan $ 199/pm
  • XL plan $ 299/pm
  • EP Plan (Enterprise Plan) $ 499/pm

Frequently Asked Questions of List of Top 10 best Youtube Tools

Q:-1 What is Youutube Tool

A:-1 It’s the software that helps to grow the youtube channel. Lots of type tools are available nowadays for growing up the youtube channel.

Q:-2 List of Top 10 best Youtube Tools?

A:-2 List of Top 10 best Youtube Tools every YouTuber should be used

  1. Keyword Everywhere
  2. Vid IQ
  3. CANVA
  4. Pixel
  5. OBS
  6. YT Studio
  7. Lexis Audio
  8. Bitable
  9. Coschedule
  10. Agorapulse

Q:-3 Why Youtube is important

A:-3  Youtube tolls are more important for growing the youtube channel. Every tool has its own work like that and I have shared a list of the Top 10 best Youtube ToolsCurrently, the platform has two billion active users. that produces it the foremost in style social media platform once Facebook. With such an enormous audience, YouTube promotion has taken flight. these Top 10 best Youtube Tools will  help  you grow  your youtube channel

  1. Keywords tool used to find the keywords.
  2. Canva uses to make a thumbnail of youtube.
  3. OBS tool used for making the videos on youtube.
  4. YT Studio is for analysis of our youtube data.
  5. Coschedule use to find the best headline.
  6. Pixels use to finding the best images.
  7. Vid IQ is used for the analysis of competitor data.

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