Top SEO Backlink Strategy Guide 2022 

SEO Backlink Strategy Guide 2022 

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So in this blog, we will discuss the seo backlink strategy. Who its work and type of backlinks and required tools for backlinks and type of backlinks.


So if you are a beginner and dont about the seo, read up this article until the end. Dont try to skip any paragraph because I have explained each & everything in full details

Backlinks are beneficial to boost your company’s reach and increase sales if harnessed with expertise. No matter what kind of a business you own- whether it is a fitness brand or a hardware manufacturing venture, or an escape room like breakout escape rooms, backlinking is an effective and essential tool for your organization.   

What is Backlink

Backlinks are the link between two sites. For example, Google uses backlinks to rank one site to another site in search. That means whenever we build a link between two website its help to rank the website or website page.

Also, help to build trust with google and visibility. For example, if you take a link from a high authority website, it takes less time to rank on google and visibility.


There are two types of backlinks internal backlinks and external backlinks.

Internal Backlink:-

When we build the link from one page to another page on a specific website that’s called an internal backlink.

External Backlink:-

Whenever we build or take the link one website to another website that is called an external backlink.

How to build backlinks.

Their lots of Types of backlinks are available and with different processes. So I can expand every backlink, but I can tell you the type of backlinks available nowadays. But just now, I can mostly tell simple and common processes used on every website.

The website and page to which you want to backlink. Paste your keywords in the starting and middle of the page and select the keyword and press ctrl+t, then paste the link and save.

Also, you can use the tools for analyzing the backlinks. There are lots of tools that are valuable for the analysis of the backlinks and research the backlinks as well. You can click here ubersuggest

We Suggested:-

How to Get Top 10 Backlink Strategy 2022

Type of Backlinks

  1. Guest Post
  2. Web Directory
  3. Profile backlinks
  4. Business Listing.
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. Comment backlinks.
  7. Press Release.
  8. Forum
  9. Backlinks From the Website. 

Type of backlinks Avoid.

From Low-quality irrelevant website:- 

We should always avoid building backlinks from low-quality irrelevant websites. Because its effect to website traffic as well impression on the google

From Spammy website:- 

We should always avoid building backlinks from spammy websites because Google doesn’t allow us to build backlinks.

Paid Links:- 

This type of backlink is never built. Because spammy websites always run with blackhat SEO, the main reason for building them should be avoided.

Press Release:-

Never build the backlinks from the press release because this type of backlinks affect the SEO

Why are Backlinks Needed? 

Building backlinks comes under the jurisdiction of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The use of backlinks helps your company uphold itself in Google search results as worthy of citation. If you pay attention to the pattern of Google search results, you will notice that websites with more backlinks get high rankings. 


You can create backlinking by collaborating with other websites for mutual benefit. Or, if you can produce content that is worthy of being cited, you might even find many backlinks that you didn’t ask for backlinks. So, make sure that your brand’s website is filled with unique and innovative content that stands apart from other

Why are Backlinks Important in SEO

Best Backlink Strategies for you 

To help you harness the advantages of backlinking, we have provided some of the best strategies you can try out to test the waters:  

SEO Backlink Strategy


1. Start with reclaiming any unlinked mention 

The easiest way to start creating backlinks is by reclaiming any unlinked brand mention you may come across on the web. By doing this, you can have some high-quality backlinks for your company! 

 Just comb the web thoroughly to check if any page has mentioned your brand without linking your website. It can be blogs, news sites, or other web pages. Then, you can use Google Alerts to get the job done. Programs such as BuzzSumo and Mention can also be used for the same, and they come with many additional features for advanced users.  

 If you find unlinked mentions of your brand, you can send the author a quick text notifying them to give proper attribution. Since adding a backlink would also enhance the readers’ experience, it is less likely for the author to refuse you!   

2. Go for contextual links! 

You will often encounter a ‘Read More’ section in a web article. Authors often use this to create a backlink to another website for viewers to check for relevant information. Such links are known as contextual links.  

 To get contextual links to your website, you need to research to find viable prospects. First, look up articles related to your brand and have a ‘Read More’ section in them. Then, reach out to the authors mentioning why your brand is worth that backlink. The more convincing your reach-out is, the more responsive the authors will be.  

3. Get your brand into a ‘Best X’ list

Most consumers tend to look for a comparative study of available products before settling for one. As a result, articles such as “Top 10 Best Backlinking Strategies” have become the go-to decision-making tools for the general public.  

 Getting mentioned in such articles will help reinforce your brand as one of the best and hoard more consumers to try out your brand. Start with a simple Google search to have your product mentioned in an article like this. It will help you find bloggers who are engaged in writing in your industry and the relevant keywords. 

 After doing your research, start prioritizing them based on their domain authority. Then, once you are ready with the prospective names, go ahead and approach the writer, making sure you tell them why your brand is worth a feature!   

4. Start becoming a source for other publishers too! 

By using your reach and connections, you can also become a source for other bloggers and journalists. In addition, each time anyone mentions your brand name, you will earn a backlink as you do this.  

 As you slowly become a trusted source, your website is also garnering organic traffic. It will also help with brand visibility and awareness, growing your reach successfully.  

 5. Try reaching out to journalists!  

While reaching out to journalists or bloggers, it is essential to ensure that your pitch quickly grabs their attention. You can start by approaching the Managing director or CEO of a relevant company and getting their views on specific topics. Make sure to choose such topics that can successfully act as an ice-breaker.  

It is always a good idea to start with a broader topic currently trending in the press. Then, slowly rope in your proposal to gain the interest organically. This approach increases your chance of getting effective backlinks significantly.  

6. Work on updating old contents 

If you come across any old content that has not been updated in a while, check for existing backlinks. If many publications are linking back to this content, then it is a hidden treasure for you. 

You can also work on creating a new and well-written article on the same topic with much more relevant and updated data. Then, you approach suitable journalists and bloggers with the updated version. Since there is something valuable to be gained on their side in this negotiation, you are much more likely to get that backlink.   


Backlinks are immensely useful tools to create SEO content and spread your company’s reach. However, creating these backlinks requires thought, outreach, and relationship building. So, keeping in mind the factors discussed above, it is time to get started right away!