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Royal Enfield Electric

Hey Guys I hope you are fine please tell me about yourself in the comment section today I will share with you guys Royal Enfield Electric with full specifications. So let’s go.

In India, 40%  youngers want to buy a Bullet bike and they can afford it because they have money. 10% people have no money to buy the bike and 30% percent can buy it but can not afford the petrol price because nowadays petrol rate has been increasing day by day.

So now If have petrol issues and you are really  Bullet hard lover so you don’t worry your problems is solved now because Royal Enfield Electric will come to India.

If you want to buy the Royal Enfield Electric so read up to this till at the end because this article is about Royal Enfield Electric so read carefully if you are a bullet lover.

Electric Vehicles:- Nowadays Every Vehicle Company are focusing on Electric Vehicles and also fast gaining the Popularity Because of an electric vehicle is more reliable, less emission, zero pollution, less maintenance, our energy security, environment saving, other saving Cheaper to run Owner of EV has advantages of much lowe running.

Nowadays, electric vehicles are available in four, three,  train, and now available in 2 wheelers electric vehicles. If we talk about Royal Enfield also lunch the Electric Bike in India coming Days.

Royal Enfield bike is a world-famous bike mostly Indian people. because Royal Enfield is an Indian company.

Royal Enfield is Lunch the first bike in India in 1971. having different Models 350/500 in the petrol variant. now talk about Electric Bullet. But in the coming day’s electric vehicles will run on the road of India.

If we talk about Royal Enfield this bike is the love of mostly Indian new generation guys. but every people can not buy this bike because of the more expensive.

Royal Enfield Electric:- The worldwide famous Royal Enfield is a name known as bullet these motorcycles are (in)famous for low reliability, high fuel consumption, and vibrations, but now this bike has no such issues because of EV bullet is coming soon.

Electric Bullet is the same look as Royal Enfield 350 but a little bit of design is change also available in different variants color. This bike is introduced by The Builders Electic UK electric classic cars this bike will be the most costly bike with a Li-ion battery with fast charging. Read up the full specification of billet

Royal Enfield Electric Battery

Having a 3D Battery Panel with a classic design for pleasing. Inside the battery pack has a 2.5kwh Li-ion battery, Royal Enfield Classic has a 13 kW water-cooled electric motor mounted on the rear wheel hub. This bike has not had to be a chainset. The Electic motor directly runs the rear wheel and reduces the extra frictional losses or eliminates the chain belt noise.

royal-enfield -electric
Royal Enfield Electric


Now talk about the battery of this bike. this bike has a 2.5 kWh Li-ion battery which is located in the 3D frame. the battery can be fast and mid-range charging.  has. it has an onward charge that allows the battery to fully charge in 90 minute Battery range is 120-160 km when ridden is 50-60 mph.
Royal Enfield Photon has four battery packs that have a combined charge capacity of has a top speed is 112 km/h (70mph).battery can be fully charged in only 90 minutes and rang is 130 km on a single charge. This Boke has a like power output of 65 bhp and Torque around 50 Nm.
Royal Enfield Electric Brake

Now talk about both brake front as well as back. The front side has a disk brake and also the side has a disk brake. with shock absorber and brake including the 280 mm, disk brake in the front with 4 pot caliper and 240mm rare 240mm disc front side has a telescopic fork at the front and the tein fronk at the backside to take care of suspension of duties.

Royal Enfield Electric

Royal Enfield Electric Wheels:– Royal Enfield Electric has a Rim wheel. which are more readable and lock classic in Rim wheels. Wheels have a different design as compared to Royal Enfield Classic. the wheel size is3.25 and the total height of this bike is height is 800


Royal Enfield Electic Design

To Ensure that the classic look of the 500 remains intact the guys at the Electric classic Car Did not after really alert them of the design of the motorcycle. this bike has a  classic design with led headlights and Led Indicator the fog lamp has been changed they now turn signals.

the black wheels are wrapped in Micheline Sirag tires. The Dark Green Pintwprks Suit the EV Royal Enfield quite much and good coach lining adds to the overall charm and there are single seats on the bike.

Royal Enfield Electric Price and Launching Date

Electric Vehicle is usually expensive and this electric bike electric classic is no expensive. Electric Classic car has up the 20000 GBP Price tag on the electric phantom. the all cost of this bike is 19 lakh Indian Currency. this mod t expansive bike of Royal Enfield. The launching date of this bike is still not fixed but can be lunching of this bike in 2020

Royal Enfield Electric Specification

Bike Top Speed  –   112 km/h
Power                   –    65 bhp
Torque                  –   50 Nm
Battery Type        –   Lithium-ion
Charging Time    –  In 90 min full Charge
Wheel Type         –  Spoke
Tire –     Tube
Speedometer      –    Digital
Drive Type       –    Chain Drive is Replace By Belt Drive

Royal Enfield Electric Color:- This bike is available in different colors like  Redditch Red, Silver, Ash, Chestnut, Black, Stormrider Sand, Chrome Black, Airborne Blue, Gunmetal Grey, Stealth Black, Redditch Green, Redditch Blue, Gunmetal Grey, Lagoon Black

royal-enfield -electric
Royal Enfield Electric
The Lock of the chassis 350/500 will be retained as that is the essence of Royal Enfield An Electric motor and batteries will Replace the engine in the bay. what will be most astonishing is the fact that this will be a silent Royal Enfield will replace the engine bay

Royal Enfield Features

The RE Electric motorcycle will not get any number of features it will have on information such as battery indicator, Side stand warning, Temperature gauge, gear indicator, tachometer, Trip Meter, Digital Speedometer, Low Charging Warning, It also has a charging facility for mobile phone. The side panels will be identical a will offer storage space. The mock fuel tank may also be utilized as storage space. It will get LED running lights.

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Royal Enfield Electric



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