Top 15 Instant Paytm Cash Earning apps

Top 15 Instant Paytm Cash Earning apps

Hey, Guys, I Hope you are fine, Today we will discuss the instant Paytm cash earning app. If you want to know so should learn this article till at the end

Paytm is India’s main financial services organization that offers full-stack installments and financial answers for consumers, offline traders, and online stages. Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder and CEO of Paytm, with over 58 million account holders. The government has also recognized Paytm as one of the easiest and most convenient online payments.


One can easily make online transactions on any government site using a Paytm wallet, saved cards including both debit and credit, and added UPI bank accounts. This is an exclusive feature not available on any other third-party payment app.

Collaborating with any cryptocurrency app with Paytm will instantly help you withdraw any cash via Paytm wallet. 

Paytm cash earning app.

There are some apps through which we can earn cash via Paytm instantly. Some of them are listed below:-

Paytm First Games

This is an official app by Paytm. Using this app, you can play different games like rummy, racing games, and much more. This app has a unique way of getting instant cash by playing different types of games and also by referring to your friends. You can earn up to 10,000rs and use this money to participate in other games.


If you have a KYC done on your registered number in Paytm, you can use this app hassle-free. Moreover, the winning money you earn can be credited to your Paytm wallet or your Paytm bank account.

Gamezy as Paytm cash earning app

This is another gaming app from which you can earn instant cash by playing different types of games from which you can earn up to 10,000rs, and you can also earn some bonus by referring to your friends.

To withdraw your winning amount, you have to complete your KYC by providing all necessary bank details, PAN card details, Email Id, and your mobile number. After completing KYC, you can withdraw 25rs as your reward for KYC completion.

hosted vdi

Fun Earning

This particular app is a replacement app for Tik-Tok used for making short videos. This app will let you make instant Paytm cash. This app will let you upload your funny videos, and after you have reached a viable amount of stardom, you can earn a decent amount of money. This app will also let you earn some bonuses by referring the 4Fun earning app to your friends.

4Fun Earning app provides you with a reward of 50 rs and 7rs on signing up on the app and on every referral made by you, respectively, which can be credited into your Paytm wallet or your Paytm bank account.

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Apart from other gaming apps, this particular app is a quiz app that helps you grow your general knowledge and will keep you loaded with cash. Unlike other platforms, it organises live quizzes from Monday to Friday. The first round is held at 1:00 pm and the second round at 8:30 pm.

By playing the live quiz games and giving correct answers, you can earn upto 30rs per quiz. This gaming app is ideal for students as it helps increase their brainpower and helps in building their knowledge power.

Wheel of Fortune

As the name suggests, this game depends on your luck as lakhs and lakhs of people try to earn some money by playing this game. 

The game expects you to wager on a specific number or a bunch of numbers/countless numbers. So, if you pick the number 5, you will get double the quantity of beans you have wagered.

This game has a simple method of payment that allows you to earn a lot of rewards and gifts compared to other games. 

Step set go

If you love keeping yourself fit, this app is an ideal choice for fitness lovers like you. In addition, this app helps various athletes and fitness freaks who do intense exercise. 

This app is one of the best apps for earning cash online. This app will constantly motivate you to keep your body in a perfect size, and in return, you will win reward coins on every step completed. The rewards can be redeemed by Paytm wallet or Paytm bank account.

You can also earn some freebies such as Smart Fitness watches and bands using this app.

Fantasy Power 11

By using this app, you can earn money by playing games and by referring this app to your nearest and dearest friends. You will be rewarded 100rs each for signing up and any referral you make.

This app will allow you to withdraw your money in your Paytm wallet or Paytm bank account. However, there is a 100 rs limit on withdrawing in Paytm wallet and 300rs on withdrawing in Paytm bank account.

Vision11 fantasy game

This app allows you to play games like cricket, football, and more. In addition, you can earn money by playing games and also by referring to your friends.

How to enrol in Vision11 Cricket Portal

By signing up on this app, you can earn up to 300 rs. Vision11 is pre-referral, which roughly translates to making money by making a referral. If you have a group of friends in Vision11, that will work wonderfully as you can earn instant Paytm cash. For the first referral, you can earn up to 100 rs, and for a lifetime of referral, you can earn up to 20% of the commission.

The bonus of 100 rs can be used further to join any contests you like. You can even withdraw your commission of 20% from your Vision11 account to your bank account. However, you have to keep in mind that the withdrawal limit is 100 rs, and the app will let you withdraw your referral cash alongside the winning cash into your Paytm wallet or your Paytm bank balance account.


RummyCircle is the most trusted gaming platform through which you can earn instant Paytm cash by playing rummy with your friends and by referring this gaming platform to your other friends.

You can play rummy both on your PC and mobile, respectively. After the completion of downloading this app, you can register your account for free. You will receive a joining bonus of 2000 rs on every registration. You can also earn up to a 500 rs bonus into your Paytm wallet or your Paytm bank account by playing the game or referring it to your friends.

Lakhs and lakhs of people play this game. And many of them earn different types of rewards and gifts by using the Paytm offer on this game.

Winzo Gold

This app organizes over 15 types of games, and you can earn cash only by playing the games regularly and winning regularly. This is one of the oldest instant Paytm cash earning apps, which also features many games.

You will earn up to 34rs as a bonus via every download made through your referral link, plus you can earn up to 50 rs as a signing up bonus.

Winzo Superstar is an exclusive referral program for different types of influencers. If you join this referral link, you can earn real cash, further withdrawn into your bank account. So, if you love playing different games like Call of Duty, Free Fire, and much more, you can earn exciting rewards and real cash by winning real tournaments in this game.


This app is an enhanced app that provides great opportunities to earn exciting gifts and real cash.

This app is exclusive because it provides games that are based on different genres and levels. Therefore, you can choose between them as per your choices and preferences. Lucky Dice, Free Fire tournament, etc., are some of the famous games available in this app. 

You can earn exciting money by referring this app to your friends. You can earn decent cash if the downloads are made using your referral link. You can use this cash for different purposes. The exciting thing about this Qeeda app is that it allows you to withdraw your earnings directly into your bank account hassle-free.


Q) How to earn 100rs cash daily via Paytm?

  1. A) You can earn 100rs cash daily by playing and winning games on a regular basis.

Q) Is there any way through which I can earn Paytm cash without any investments?

  1. A) Yes, various types of apps will allow you to play games without depositing any cash in advance.

Q) Is making instant cash via Paytm legal in India?

  1. A) The games mentioned above are fully reliable and legal.

The money you earn via these apps can be further used to pay different types of bills, book hotels or air tickets, etc.


Above mentioned apps are a good way to earn instant Paytm cash, but you have to keep in mind that these apps are good only for a short amount of time. To kill your time, these apps are the best to play games or make videos and entertain people. Hopefully, your karma never abandons you on these applications.

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