Top List of Important Plugins For WordPress

Top List of Important Plugins For WordPress

Hey, Guys, I hope you are fine in this pandemic covid-19. Stay Safe and healthy; also Wearing Mask. So today, we will discuss the important plugins for WordPress.

There are lots of plugins available on WordPress. It’s too hard to find Useable plugins, so today will you for important plugins for WordPressThese all tools are most important for every WordPress user. If you WordPress user so without wasting time, install the required plugins from the mentioned list. If you used, WordPress has installed the all-important plugins for WordPress. These are all tools I also used to grow and performance of my website.

These all plugins are important for the website, which helps to improve the website performance. All the Plugins are practically used than I have shared on this blog.


All these important plugins for WordPress are usually every WordPress user used to improve the website’s growth.

Importance of Plugins

Every website needs performance, security, Good SEO, auto-optimization, and Good Speed so if want to grow and Good performance so I personally suggest you you must install these important plugins for WordPress.

Some of the tools for improving the SEO, few tools are infographics of Web site data, some of the plugins are for post SEO,

I have shared for image compression. According to us, you should be used all these tools for the growth of the website. So if want to learn about the important plugins for WordPress so read this article until the end

Let’s Get Started..!

Important Plugins for WordPress

1. Akismet

Akismet checks your comments and speaks to kind submissions against our international spam information to forestall your website from malicious business content.


You’ll be able to review the comment spam it catches on your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.

Major options in Akismet include:


  • Automatically checks all comments and filters out those that seem like spam.
  • Each comment contains a standing history, thus you’ll be able to simply see that comments were caught or cleared by Akismet and that were spammed or spammed by a moderator.
  • URLs are shown within the comment body to reveal hidden or dishonest links.
  • Moderators will see the number of approved comments for every user.
  • A discard feature that outright blocks the worst spam, saving you space and rushing up your website.

2. Classic Editor

Classic Editor is a political candidate plugin maintained by the WordPress team that restores the previous (“classic”) WordPress editor and therefore the “Edit Post” screen. It makes it doable to use plugins that stretch that screen, add old-style meta boxes, or otherwise rely on the previous editor.


Classic Editor is a political candidate WordPress plugin, and can be totally supported and maintained till a minimum of 2022, or as long as is critical.

At a look, this plugin adds the following:

  • Administrators will choose the default editor for all users.
    Administrators will enable users to vary their default editor.
    When allowed, the users will opt for that editor to use for every post.
    Each post opens within the last editor used despite WHO altered it last. This can be necessary for maintaining standardized expertise once piece of writing content.

3. Content of Table

Content of Table is very used full WordPress Plugin. It Creates the automatically content of the table on your post.It fully automatically whenever someone clicks on any number on the table then you will be automatically reached on the clicked number.



  • Automatic Crate table.
  • Different Type Of theme
  • Hide and Show the Table
  • You Change the Dimensions of the tab

4.HTML After URL

It’s a Very Important Plugin For the WordPress user. Whenever you start WordPress or move from the blogger to WordPress you should first install the Html after the URL.

Because WordPress does not get automatically get HTML its needs to protect your URL.In blogger, it’s difficult to set from the Setting. If you use WordPress so must be installed.



Before use:

After use:

5. Lite Speed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) could be integral, a superior dynamic content an acceleration feature of LiteSpeed server merchandise.LSCache accelerates dynamic content (not simply PHP pages), with options almost like those in Apache mod_cache, an exploitation associate degree economical, extremely customizable, native implementation at intervals the LiteSpeed server, that greatly reduces a page load time and the server load.



  • Image Optimization.
  • Minify, JavaScript,HTML, and CSS
  • Generate Fully Automatically Critical CSS
  • Lazy Load Images Iframe
  • Support the Multiple CDN holders
  • A loaD of JavaScript and CSS Asynchronously
  • Easy BrowserSupport the Cache
  • Easy Database optimization.
  • Automatic Page Speed Score Optimization
  • Opcode Cache Support
  • Cloud Flare API Multisite Suport
  • Import/Export easy.

6. Site Kit by Google

Site Kit is the WordPress Official Plugin from Google for Infographics, the data of websites. We can easily analyze the page viewer/locations/device/ total views and check the website’s speed. This Kit has More than 4 tools that help us. Google Analytics/Google Consool Tool/Page Speed Test/Google Ads


  • Google Analytics help to explore how a visitor navigates on your site.
  • Google Console: Its help to how visitors discover and how many searches have you got in Google Search
  • Google Ads: Its help to track how much salary have you earn
  • Page Speed Insights: It helps to measure the speed of the website.

7. Jetpack By WordPress

Jetpack by WordPress is a more powerful tool than WordPress, which helps to secure your website. Its More Power tolls which having the lots of features on the tools. Jetpack is also available on both free and Well Pro versions but doesn’t need Pro versions. You Can use the Free version.


Lots of features are available in a single tool. Which helo to improve the website performance.It also has a security system also you can analyze your daily visitors.


  • Jetpet web security
  • Auto real-time backup and easy restore
  • Analysis activity log mode
  • Brute Force attack protection
  • Spam Comment Block
  • Monitor Uptime and Downtime
  • Lazy load image for super fast Experience.
  • Auto Publish post on Social Media Like Facebook/Twitter etc
  • Gro with your SEO tools and create XML site maps automatically
  • You can use the share button on the post
  • We can create a contact form
  • Image galleries, carousel sliders, and slideshows for WP sites and stores.

And more many features are available I have a few features if you want to more features click here.

8.XML Site Map

XML Site Map is a tool supposed to be processed by a search engine, which follows the XML sitemap, like bing and yahoo. It was generated using the blogging software WordPress and the Google sitemap.

9. Rank math/Yoast

It is both Used for SEO purposes, which help optimize the post and full the Conditions of SEO. Both are good, but I recommend you guys. Rank math is one of the best cause it has lots of features compared to Yoast.
Yoast also has the same features but in the pro version.


Rank Math Features

Optimization of the Post.

  • Measure the 404 Error.
  • Automatic Redierction
  • Easy Indexing
  • Analytics page views
  • We can target the 5 keywords at a time
  • Automatically add AMP
  • Automatically add the alt on the image
  • Count the Internal Links as a well external link


Optional Plugins for WordPress.

1. Elementor

Introducing a WordPress website builder with no limits of style. An internet site builder that delivers high-end page styles and advanced capabilities, ne’er before seen on WordPress.

  • Faster Much Faster
  • Live design. Truly Live
  • Professional Features Right Out of the Box
  • Lots of Pre-Designed Templates & Blocks.
  • Responsive Live Editing
  • 40+ free widgets and counting.

Lots of features are available on Pro Version if you want to buy, you can see otherwise Free Version also good.

2.W3 Tool Cache

W3 Total Cache (W3TC) improves your website’s SEO and user expertise by increasing website performance and reducing load times by investment options like content delivery network (CDN) integration and, therefore, the latest best practices.

W3TC is the sole internet host agnostic internet Performance improvement (WPO) framework for WordPress, trusted by many publishers, internet developers, and internet hosts worldwide for over a decade. It’s the entire performance resolution for optimizing your WordPress website.

Introducing a WordPress website builder with no limits of style. An internet site builder that delivers high-end page styles and advanced capabilities, ne’er before seen on WordPress.

  • Faster Much Faster
  • Live design. Truly Live
  • Professional Features Right Out of the Box
  • Lots of Pre-Designed Templates & Blocks.
  • Responsive Live Editing
  • 40+ free widgets and counting.

Lots of features are available on Pro Version if you want to buy it you can otherwise Free Version also good.


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