How to Write a Blog in 2020 Advanced Tutorial

How to Write a  Blog in 2020 Advance Tutorial

How to Write a Blog in 2020 Advanced Tutorial


Hey, Hope You Are Fine. Today We will discuss blog How to write a blog without any cost-free tutorial so if want to start a new blog and you don’t know how to make a blog so follow me I guide you on how to write a blog without any cost. so follow me step by step

So Are You Guys Ready to know about how to make a blog?

Guys, Before starting I want to share some things with you about the blogging that is my personal experience. Anyone can start a blog this, not mandatory blog can be written by a younger blog can be white by any person and it can be any place it doesn’t matter. the matter is only your content. you can create your own blog only in 20 minutes.

Now I am telling you about my past experience with the blog. Now Some people are thinking
about why I am telling this?

So I want to say that the wrong thing makes a man perfect. so I get a good experience from a
blog made a lot of mistakes during the journey of my blog so I want to say that you never make
that mistake.

so follow me step by step will tell you how to write a blog with pictures I will do
my best after that you have any issue then you can Contact me

What is blogging?
Blogging is an Online Platform where we can display the information in chronological order,
with the recent post appearing first. this is what platform apart from that writer and can be the writer team also write the blog on the individual subject and share with Reader.

In the addition, most blog have a Comment Section where Reader Can share the feedback about
the post and can thank authors about the post, apart from that there are lot features are

I will tell you don’t worry you just focusing and read up the article at the end of the article

Advantages of blogging.

The best platform where we can earn money.
Improve Skills
Improve your Knowledge
Improve Your Writing Skills.

Should you start a blog?


Yer you should be start blog because of this a best platform for earning money and gain
knowledgeBefore starting

I want to tell you my past experience about the blogging some Guys think why I am telling this
but you should know this thing because just I want to say that the mistake I made during my be
ginner journey of a blog that you all don’t make those mistakes.

Some People are read a blog For Personal Perspective on things so if you want to make a good
a blogger so always writes a blog very informally and uniquely.

If you article unique than your the article will be rank in a short time and if your article informally people are more attractive then
you can create an audience in shot time

Now talk about a topic if want carte a good audience pool so first also select a particular topic
then people can be easily known about your blog and Google can easily be Indexing your post.

Then an easy to rank. if are a beginner and have any issue to select the topic then you can
contact me I will help you. You can contact me

For Successful Blogger there is requirement always a passion for your topic. always do your
work in the discipline if, the post you article time if you are work on the event topic then
you cant focus on your mistake and also you cant write an article.

If you have selected topic then you can write a lot of posts and also share the features post to
the to your audience


Now I am talking about your audience. The audience is that thing this can you rise Rise and
cam be Down in just second so always Respect Your Audience.

Always talk to your audience and know about whats need of the audience and always reply to
your fan in the comment section.
Why you joining the Blogging Platform,?why would you go to the trouble of blogging? there
some reason now telling you to read up the at the end of this article No One tells you this thing

This a Best Platform To make money online, there only post an article in a week. You can earn

a lot of money in a single post for a lifetime that’s the main befit of the article.

The best thing about a blogger is you can earn money since you can spend money from the long after blog post a written. I will tell you very deeply what more sources are also available to make money if you want to know. Click Here

You can also share your story like that about your past life. If you are a traveler so can tell about the traveling experience.
If you are foodie so you can share the food experience. if you like cooking then you can share the cooking experience.
You can be sharing things but that is very unique and knowledgeable for the reader.

In the World lot of people are here those do the business on the blog. are earning 10 lakhs per
month. so you can also earn money from a blog but here need patience for earning money.

It takes time to start earning money from the blogger. if you are Write a blog unique and
informational so then one day you become the best blogger.

You have to just focus on the blogger if you are a beginner so always focusing on the Content no earning money. if are
focusing on the Content one day you will definitely earn money

Carate the own Community on any platform. where you can share the post and you.Can get the
traffic and also people comment on your post.
If you have a lot of comments that point is very positive for the post then google also helps to
rank the post.
Nowadays a lot of people is are using the internet they can also help you with views and
Commenting. so that’s why I am saying always touching with the community and always
helping whenever they need about the blog.
That is my personal experience sharing with you may help you so start how to write a blog.
Let’s Go, Guys

8 step to how to start a blog

Select your Topic 
Pick a Blog Name.
Select domain name
Customization Your Blog.
Search a keyword
Write & publish your first post. 
Promo your blog. 
Make money blogging. 

#1.How to Select the Topic For the blog.  
First of all, Select your Topic like technology, business, cooking, health, etc.if you have a problem selecting the topic so don’t worry we will help to select the topic. There is some way to select the topic.

Hobbies & passions. According to Hobbies and passion, you can select the topic of your blog. if do this then you write a lot of post with an informally content.

if you are any post must need your interest. everyone has one hobby so you can be sharing your content according to your hobbies

Life experiences. Everyone has past so can share your past life through past life experiences. You always learned some things from your past life.

I can give you an not before some days I help a man he is asked me by mail can you help me.? please when I saw his message then suddenly reply to him then asked about backlink.

But literally, I have not perfect knowledge about the backlink then I read on google and research about it and where I got Ideas about backlink so I want to say in simple words you also have past experience about any topic.

It can be any related topic like school life, college life, workplace, and struggle of life you can share with the word if your story is true I am pretty sure you will have got a good response from the people so you can select the topic according to the past life experience
Personal Blog:- You can also make your personal blog you can share the data about your life, you can share the daily basis thing you do, you tell about Journey of life.

You can share your thought to the audience so if want to start a personal blog you can start of need any help you can contact me I am helping you

2. How to pick a Blog Name. Pick your blog name according to your blog topic. If you’re blogging about one specific topic then you will definitely want to include that in some way in your blog name.
Blog name should be in simple word and should be a maximum of two or three words not more than 3 because when you ever share about your blog name to anyone then he can understand easily and search easily on GOOGLE.
Try not to get hung-up on just one word though.if you see that on amazon, flipchart on that website they are sales the different types of products like mobile, phone laptop. so same like that pick a name for your blog according to your blog topic

If you are planning to create a personal blog then you can make and be very easy to pick the blog name. there simply the way you can make blog name as your name like that if you’re name is Ram so then you can take the name as Ram tech.

Also available the domain name, you can select the name even you can use any other words it depends on your topic.

If yore topic is a food basis so can Take the name RamFood. if you want to get some idea or any helo about the personal blog so I can help you you can contact me any time

#3How to Select Domain Name:- 

After selecting your name now its turn to select the domain name you can Select the domain name according to your name. 

A lot of domains are available are for selling, Godday, Google, Blue Host they are selling a domain name you can buy from anywhere it’s you’re your choice but I personally Suggest you Google domain it’s best you can but from any site 

Google Domains;-

Whenever you select the domain name you can get some issues like that if select the and try to buy this domain name sop you can change the name.

If you don’t want to change the name so you can use other words I share with you in the below  of this paragraph

Use Mathematical. wordsIf your select word and that word are not available on .com than
you can use the mathematical word like that if is not available on .com then you
can use or 

Add Dash.
You can also use Dash between a word like

Add small words.
You can use small words also like “my” “with” “to” and more many wards are avialble
So you can be used if you need other than contact me any time I will help you. After buying a
domain name we need the platform where we will post your article or post so you can choose
a platform that deepens on you.

You can use Blogger and WordPress depends on you if you use the blogger there are not need
to buy hosting. Blogger is free hosting where we can post an unlimited post on your blog.
If you use WordPress there we need to host.

But I personally suggest you if your beginner so doesn’t need to use WordPress. You should be
used Blog 

After buying a domain name now click on google and search WWW.BLOGGER.COM Then
Click on Create your blog as you see on the picture


After clicking on Create, Your blog then put your Gmail id and password.if don’t understand you can see on the picture.
After Gmail id login. then showing a screen as you can see below side. Choose your title.


After choosing the title then click on Next and then the screen will be shown like that as you
can see below.

Put your blog domain name still, you don’t buy blog name don’t worry you can
without a domain name, you can use it.

If you want to earn money soI personally suggest you should buy a google domain name from
any website. Now put your domain name and click on next.

After Click on Next then Screen Will show like that as you can see on the below side and put your blog display name like all4techs is my display name and my website or domain name  is

5f53911c 22a0 43cb baee 279bbdc3bc43

After chose display name now click on next then display showing alike that as you see on below


3.How customization Your Blog.
Now its turn to Customization your blog so now on the left side see a block and click on the theme and change your theme according to your blog.

But I personally suggest you use a very simple theme and its like very cool and Professionally. Find on google there is a lot of sites for the free theme you can download use it. now showing step by step how to customize your theme

First, click on the theme, and as you can see on the below side.
After clicking on the theme on your screen and as you can see on the below side.

Now click on Edit HTML then your screen show BLOCK as you can see on below side.


Now click on the new tab and search free blogger thyme and download. After download, the theme. Now you need a Winrar software for WinRAR file covert into a normal file. as you can see in pictures.


Open the WinRAR file as you can see on the below pic and copy all the files and paste on the new folder.


I make a folder as you cans on below picture now  Winrar file into the normal file as you can see on the below picture and now open the folder and search the XML File folder…

How to Write a Blog in 2020 Advance%2BTutorial

Now you can see on below picture XML file are showing Now right click on the XML file and open with the note pad 


Ater Open with note pad now copies all the data then paste on the theme HTML.AS you can see in the below picture and now save the file and now your theme is changed and change the layout according to your requirement.

#4. Write & publish your first post:-Now its turn to how to write a post. First of all click on the post then the screen will show like on the picture.

Now put your title and write a post. Your article should be 1000 words. Your content should be unique and attractive. 

Always put the image with the sentence. Because of its help to more effective your post. Find your keyword by a different tool like uber suggest. And more many more tools are available on google to find a way.

If you are a beginner so we suggest you read this also Top 10Writtig Tipps for blog

#5. Search keywords:- When you completing all the settings now turn to find a keyword if don’t know that what is the keyword I am telling you to click here for full Article of a keyword How to select the keyword there some tools are used to find the keywords. After selecting the keyword then you can write a post. here the list of keywords tools Ubersuggest, KeywordSheeter, Keyword Shitter Click here For know How to select the Keyword.

#6 Promoting Your Blog:-

After Writing a Content Now you need the Promoting your blog in your circle. if you are a beginner this thing should be done. because of in staring you need support from social media in nowadays lot of audiences are available for promoting your blog. there are lot social media are available for promoting the social media

#How to Promoting Your Blog

#1 By Using Social media
#2 By Third Party
#3 By Backlink

#1 By Using Social media:- Social Media is the best platform where you can get free traffic on your blog.

In today’s life millions of people active on Social media. you can get free traffic from the social media in today life lot of social media app is avilable for promoting the blog.

So I want to tell you some effects of social media If you have your social media account and link with your blog then it’s helping to Google Adsense approval.

Because nowadays, fraud websites are available on google so If you link social media to your blogger then your website looks professional and not like a fraud.
how-to parmote-blog-on-social-media
# Make a Facebook Page
#Make on Twitter Account

Twitter and Face book is the best platform I personally suggest you because Facebook is that platform where can be viral you blog in shot time and you get traffic on your blog so you can make your page on the Facebook account.

You can also use Twitter this the best platform where you can get used hashtags on the attending articles where you can get heavy traffic on your blog this also best platform your blog so make your account on both sides and make the account as a blogger name

After doing this all now you need some tools are using for ranking of your blogger post so use SEO page tools like Google Console, Google analytics, Ubersuggest KeywordSuffer, Mozbar, Grammarly, Copyspenky, Counting Character, Hunter, Scarper, Streak.
Seo Extension these some tools you can use For Ranking of your blog If you don’t know how to use these tools don’t I am telling you how to use these tools ion this blog.
I can’t tell you in full details but I can tell you in short details for If you want complete information about the tool, then click on the name of the same tool.

#2By Third Party:- We can promote our blogger by the third party by a third party that is called paid promotion. We can promote your blog by any same blogger. we can a; so promoting through any user who has a lot of traffic on his/her account or blogger

#3By Backlink:- This is one of the best sources for getting traffic and promoting our blog and also you can increase the organic views and increasing your DA and PA of your blog.

There are you don’t need an account but need some google chrome extension for contact to other high authority blogger and then you can easy promoting by the other website

Uber Suggest, keyword suffer, Moz bar:- These tools are used for Finding the keywords you can also Google Chrome Extension is available you can use for best find the keyword. if you don’t know how to select the keyword so you can visit my post How to Select the keyword Click here

Grammarly;- These tools are used to check your grammar mistake. it can trace your grammar mistake while you writing your content so you can use it you’re tracing your grammar mistake .you can use google Chrom Extension

Google Console and Google Analytic;- These tools you should be used for the analysis of your audience performance on your blog you can tressing all the details like the location of reader, device, operating system that all thinks you can tracing by use of these tools click here For full Details

If you want to know About ON-PAGE SEO TOOL Click Here For More Information.
#7. How To Make Money From Blog;-
Everyone wants to earn money from a blogger. first of i. I want to tell my experience about the blogger, first of all, I want to say if want to meany from the blog. so always focused on your content.
Always focused on the content if have valuable content so then and the audience comes and gets more viewers.
If have unique content and informational content then the audience will attract on your website and Also ranking your post on google so always focus on your content, not money.
If have valuable content then you can be Ranking your post, get more views and if you get more views then you can apply for Google Adsense and earn money. if want to know more option to earn money so you can read my article from my blog

#Afflicted Marketing:- If you want to more earn money from the blogger you can afflict marketing on the blogger.
You can sell the products on your website according to your website.if don’t know about the afflicted marketing so you can I will tell you click here the full tutorial of the afflicted marking.
You can earn more money with the blogger so you can also earn. ou can use amazon afflicted marketing there are best of the source of earn money.

Note:-If you have any issue about the blogging or if don’t understand any topic you can contact me I will help you

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