How to Start a Youtube Channel For Beginners


How to Start a Youtube Channel For Beginners

Hey, Guys, I Hope You are well. Today we will discuss How to start a YouTube channel. You Know Guys, in 2012, users on youtube were only 0.8 billion worldwide. But in 2021 total number of users will be 2.5+ billion users.

20 Million users active users per day. In 2025 Total Users will be reached 5+ billion users who willl be joining youtube. Youtube is one of the best platforms for learning and earning platform.

You can learn anything from youtube, but also you can earn from youtube. So today, I am sharing how to earn by youtube if you want to know to earn money by youtube so read this article till at the end

The opportunity to succeed in your audience on YouTube is huge. It’s the foremost widespread social platform among U.S. adults, and nearly 75% of American citizens use the social video website, compared to the sixty-nine UN agency using Facebook.

More than 1/2 of those users visit YouTube every single day. Wouldn’t it be nice if they glanced at your content whereas they were there?

Luckily, making a YouTube account isn’t troublesome. Making an undefeated YouTube channel could be very little additional work; however, don’t worry, we’ve got you lined there, too.

If you want to start a channel and earn money on youtube, please read the article I tell you How to start a YouTube channel.

How to Start a Youtube Channel For Beginners

Step 1. Create a Gmail Account

If you don’t have a Gmail account so you can make the New Gmail account other, you can use any Gmail account for making the youtube channel.

First of all, go to Google Search the New Gmail Account and click on Create a new Gmail Account.

The name and email address won’t be publicly linked to your brand, so don’t worry about keeping those on message. It is just your key to getting in the YouTube door.

Step 2. Create a Youtube Account.

Go to Google click on the youtube sign in with the Gmail account. It creates a Youtube account automatically, but you need the make a branding Business account.

So Go to the Youtube page, click on the Create a page, and enter your brand name, and you are in!

Second, the branding channel is more helpful for the analytics the audience data and insights helpful for the watching your video more popular and as well about the subscribers and most-watched videos.

Step 3. Customize your youtube channel.

Go to the Youtube studio, click on Customize the youtube channel, and set all the youtube settings. First of all, Make the youtube Layout. You can follow my tips.

On the top of the layout, set popular video its helps to attract the audience to watch to most view videos and watch more videos on your channel.


Also, add the Featured Trailer. You can add more sections and make the playlist as per your requirements.

Now click on the brand. It is a more important part of your youtube. Under stigmatization, you’ll have the chance to transfer your channel art and icons to grant your channel a singular look.

One that, ideally, aligns along with your|along with your overall whole and visually connects this YouTube account with your different social media platforms and net presence.

You have to add some more settings like the logo, watermark of youtube, and add the banner of youtube.

Step 4. Upload your video

Now it’s time to show the world your content. Create the video, click on the uploaded video, and upload your content on youtube.

Upload your video under youtube policy, and if you don’t follow youtube, you can suspend your youtube accounts. Just read the instruction before starting the youtube channel.

Step 5. Make your channel discoverable.

Use all the tips and tricks to get more watching time and more subscribe to your youtube channel. If you want to get subscribers and watch so fully optimize your content

Below this line, I am sharing some optimizing tips for your youtube channel.

6. Earn Money with youtube.

Everyone wants to earn money from youtube, but some people are starting to earn by youtube part-time. Still, some people are starting to earn Money on youtube as a career, and lots of people are earning Money in millions; you can also earn money from youtube.

You have to complete the Policy of the YouTubes; then you can earn money by googles ads, and also you can earn money by affiliate marketing and promotions of the products you can earn by all these sources.

Optimize your Youtube Description 

Optimize your youtube description add the short details about the video. Use hashtags and add the name of your channel in the description box.

Another tip is to add the table of content on the youtube channel. It helps the user what they are looking for.

Add the social media details to the description. You can get more followers on the social media channel. Also, adding the related keywords of your video on social media descriptions helps to get more viewers.

Make the SEO-friendly Video Title.

Use concise, descriptive titles that include Google-friendly keywords. Titles are the first thing users see, but they also help the search engine understand what your videos are about. So make sure all your titles are punchy and intriguing and clear and include keywords.

You can follow another channel as your niche and follow his content, but the video should be made original.

Add tags ( In Moderation)

We can use the tags before uploading the video. Add the tags related to your content of videos. Be honest, and choose quality over quantity. The goal is to reach viewers who are interested in content like yours.

Tags are more helpful to the youtube algorithm or understanding the content of your youtube channel. Add a category or two to help the search engine put your videos in front of the right audience.


Add your channel link on your social media account its helps to get more subscribers and watch time on the youtube channel.


Also, you can share the links on Facebook Groups, pages, and website and email signature to let your existing fans know you’re starting a video empire.

9 Tips before starting a YouTube channel.

1. Collect the content 

If you want to grow up the channel before starting a channel, collect more than 20 video content on behalf of your niche. It helps to grow up your channel, and you make the video in a short time.

If you do this, you will get 1000+ subscribers and 3000+ watching time, and after uploading all these videos, you will automatically get more ideas about the videos. As well you can share the features posted on your youtube.

2. Customize your channel

Before posting videos, you have made the channel art and banner of the youtube channel. As well as make the Watermarks of the youtube channel.

Logo:- You can make a logo from You can make a free logo for your youtube channel. There are no charges for making a logo. You can make the logo free of cost without any subscription charge.

Watermarks:- You can use the logo for watermarks. I want to make more professional water makes so you can remove the background of the logo then upload it on the channel.

Channel art:- You can make professional channel art by Make the channel art according to your content or niche.

For Makes Logo, Channel Art, and Watermarks, you can use Canva

Use eye-catching channel art, and thumbnailsYour channel art and thumbnails are your billboards, thus building an Associate in Nursing impression!

An effective fingernail is obvious and correct and aligns with the video’s title. However, it additionally must stand out.

Thumbnails are the method viewers decide what to observe once they’re skimming through search results. That suggests you don’t simply ought to communicate what your video is regarding. You wish to square out from the competition, too.

And tons of the competition is loud.

Evaluate what everybody else is doing, and look at it to swerve. For instance, select a definite colour palette, or go full-on minimalist to square come in an ocean of No colours and impact fount.

3. Create a Playlist

If you want to make your channel more attractive, make a playlist according to the content. You can also follow all these tips for making the playlists.

On the Top of the makes the Popular list, It helps to get to channel more view with help more view video also makes the channel more attractive to get views.

Assume the viewer is a perfect stranger, so introduce yourself and tell them exactly why they should subscribe. Keep it short, sweet, and snappy: let them know what your content is like and when they can expect new uploads, like Yoga with Adriene does on her channel.

4. Post the video continuously.

Upload the video regularly. If you are a beginner, post the 2 videos daily, this helps get more subscribers and increase the engagements with the viewers.

That is about to sound evident. However, we’re about to say it anyway: Viewers wish to observe sensible videos.

But what makes a decent YouTube video could be a very little completely different from what makes a video that will wind a remote fete.
According to the computer program Journal, winning YouTube videos have attention-grabbing intros and nice stigmatization, background music, and clear audio.

Calls to action are vital too. The correct CTA will facilitate the build, whether your goal is to drive your audience to your website, increase subscriber count, or spark oral communication within the comments.

There’s no excellent formula for a winning YouTube video like all social media content. Some brands thrive with slick, extremely made content, whereas others gain traction by being raw, unfiltered, and authentic.

How to start a YouTube channel and Make Money

5. Schedule your video

Make the Schedule video as per your audience if you make this to get more views and likes on videos. You can set the schedule for a more active audience to know when your audience watches more.

Go to your analytical and check out which time your audience most swatch your videos. You can set that time as scheduled time, and then you can get more views and subscribe to your channel.

6. Understand your audience.

It’s hard to make compelling content if you don’t know whom you’re making it for, so make sure you’ve got a good sense of your audience persona before diving in.
Who are they? What do they like? (Why won’t they call me?)

Once you’ve got a few videos under your belt, see whether or not you’re hitting the mark by diving into your YouTube Analytics. Cold hard numbers will tell you if, how, and when your work of art is making an impact.

7. Make the channel trailer You can make the small video trailer of the channel. These trailers help audiences which type of video are you are crate.


8. Experiment with YouTube advertising

If you’re not obtaining the reach you would like with smart ol’ intentional organic content, it’d be time to toss many greenbacks behind a promo campaign.
YouTube’s ads area unit is accessible in these four categories:

  • Shippable in-stream ads
  • Unskippable in-stream ads (including bumper ads)
  • Video discovery ads (formerly referred to as in-display ads)
  • Non-video ads (i.e., overlays and banners)
  • For a lot of data on YouTube’s ad formats and how to use them, inspect our care guide to YouTube advertising.

9. Raise viewers to subscribe

When somebody subscribes to your channel (and hits that bell button), they get an associate alert once you place a brand-new video out into the globe — thus, growing your subscriber base is that the best, thanks to boosting your organic reach.

There’s a reason “Don’t forget to subscribe” because the sign-off of selection for YouTubers is huge and little.

Of course, growing your subscriber count is simpler aforesaid than done. For that reason, we’ve got full orient the way to get a lot of YouTube subscribers.
Once you hit 000 subscribers and four 000 watch hours inside the year, you’ll be able to register as a YouTube partner and legitimize your channel. Learn a lot regarding YouTube’s Partner Program here.

Channel substantiation YouTube partner program

It is simply the tip of the iceberg for making an undefeated YouTube channel. If you’re curious about learning a lot, inspect our weblog post regarding getting a lot of views on YouTube, twenty-three sensible ways to push your YouTube channel, and the way to become a YouTube promoting master.


In This article, we talked about How to start a YouTube channel if you want to create a youtube channel, so use all the tricks and tips maybe these all tips and tricks to create a perfect channel and also help to the growth of the channel.

Please share your feedback in the comment section about How to start a YouTube channel. Also, share any suggestions in the comment section.

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