How to Start a Blog in 2021 and Make Money Full Guide Tutorial

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How to Start a Blog in 2021 and Make Money Full Guide Tutorial


How to start a blog

Hey..! I am Sumit Soni. Do Want to Know How To Start a blog. If you are a beginner so don’t worry We will Guide you with new tips and tricks. So if you want to learn so read up this article until the end.

Is it still admirable of starting a blog in 2021? Aren’t all the specified niches inundated? Can I earn more money with my blog or will I just spend hours and hours of my job with no yields in my bank account?

 Well, I know you might be asking these questions with yourself because I also have been in the same situations just a few years ago. 

I was starting up at some bloggers who replaced their full-time job with blogging income in just two or three years. And I was convinced that they were very lucky to get into this business early and that I was too late to come into this business.

See how I understand exactly what you are thinking and here I’m to help you how to start a blog in 2021. It’s a kind of business with the highest ROI you can imagine and I do this while working at home while having the time to spend time with my family and friends and not being glued 24/7 with the computer screen all day long.

 I laid down the step-by-step plan for you to start a blog. What should you do to get your first 1000 dollars monthly with your blog? I will tell you how to get this plan for free and it will be at the end of the blog post.

How to start a blog in just 11 simple steps

  1.              You must start with a Business Plan.
  2.   You must prefer a very distinct and brainstorming niche
  3. Write down your Blog’s objectives.
  4. Choose a blogging platform.
  5. Select a Domain Name.
  6. Choose a Web Hosting Company and Register Your Domain.
  7.  Choose your Blog’s Theme.
  8. Install Your WordPress Plugins.
  9.  Start writing quality and authentic content and try to avoid stealing ideas from other bloggers.
  10.  Update blogs regularly.
  11.    Make money blogging.

 1.You must start with a Business Plan.

So the first stuff you need to begin with is a business plan. So you have to stop staring at your blog as just this website you are developing. That is going to have some fun dreams upon it. And you know, it enables you to tap into your creative spirit okay.


First and foremost thing, you are always running a business. So you require to have a business plan which implies you have to initiate writing things down like, who’s your mark audience.

 That is simply the people you are trying to reach the most, Are they stay-at-home moms? Are they traveling people?  Are they knitters?, Are they bakers?, or, Are they pet sitters? 

Whatever your marked audience is, you need to bring a very clearly defined sentence to the world that could point them out simply in a crowd right.

Before starting a blog you should be started read the article about how to start a blog. This will help you to more to start a blog you have to share my experience on both the blogger as for WordPress you can read if want I have shared the link below.

How to Start a blog in Blogger

 So you don’t have to confess that I’m targeting stay-at-home moms. You will have to say something along the lines of specials that have five kids under the age of five years or large families or something like that. 

Within that business plan, you will also want to have a content plan. That is a list of ideas of the things that you are going to post. And you will also want to bounce around some product ideas so no functioning business out.

There is inadequacy in offering products and services and/or services because technically you could do both. So you will be able to monetize your brand outside of making money through the typical routes like ads revenue or affiliate income. That is all good.

And I think that all these things you should have in your business. But it is not the only aspect you should put in your back pocket. You should have to make monetizing in just your trademark on your own and also have supervision over how it will get monetized.

 That is having control over the products you create, or the services you are offering so you can make money.


2. You must prefer a very distinct and brainstorming niche.

Before reading this how to start a blog. You should know about your blog niche If you select your niche then means you have done 30% work.

How to select a blog niche

Now the most important thing you need to do when you are about to start a blog is deciding which topics you will be blogging about.

In other words, what will be your specified niche so pick a specified niche for your blog. Most beginners often make a mistake thinking about niches. 

It’s very easy to start a blog about whatever your experience in life is or about your hobbies and not giving a thought about whether or not this is profitable. But if you plan to make money with your blog,

 I recommend you to read this blog post that covers all the important things which you need to know before planning to start a blog in 2021. If you wish to use a particular platform to drive traffic to your blog, for example.

If you wish to start with Pinterest, you need to remember that not all the niches do equally well with the Pinterest audience.

So, the main group of people you want to reach so once you have that figured out it kind of ties in with your niche. And you can simply specify what your very specific topic should be.

 If you need some help trying to decide what kind of niche you can choose, I would recommend you create a single-topic blog. 

Most new bloggers make this mistake. If you make a mistake in choosing your blog topic, then surely you will not get success in blogging. In the last article, I have shared how to start a blog with a blogger.

Before you start blogging, decide which topic you like the most and you can write well on that topic. Reason, Single niche blogs rank quickly in Google search results and they achieve success soon.

If you are not able to select your niche so can Contact us We will fully guide you to select your niche.

 3. Write Down Your Blog’s Objectives.

Everyone is familiar with a popular citation, “An objective without a plan is just a wish.”This is fundamental when you start a new blog.

 After specifying your favorite niche, you must have a path to lead the way of your activities and content knowledge but also your purposes, beliefs, and willingness. The major thing during this phase is not to make things much complicated.

If you want to design a blog, you need to set some logical objectives, and write articles down on your blog’s message, and understand who your target audience.

 4. Choose a blogging platform

After completing the first stage of planning your blog and choosing a niche, the next stage is to select WordPress as your blogging platform.

Your blogging platform is also learned as a Content Management System (CMS). It helps in writing, customizing, and disclosing your blog posts. Normally, you must prefer user-friendly, influential, and reasonable blogging platforms.

There are lots of paid and free blogging platforms available. All the details are mentioned below as you can see on the chart. Most people conduct their blogs on WordPress, then blogger, and more many more which is visible from the above stats.

A.WordPress:-  I Personally Suggest to you WordPress is one of the most use Platform for blogger so if are a beginner and want to start a blog so can go with a basic plan and all plan as you can see on the screenshot.

WordPress-Plan 2021
Blogger:- Blogger is a free platform where you can learn about blogging without pay any cost. Where available the free blogger theme and not need any type of plugins. So if are a beginner and learn about the blogger so can join the blogger where you do need any type of hosting plan.





If you want to go with the blogger so you can visit my 1st article on how to start a blog with a blogger. I have shared the article on the below side

How to start a blog with blogger

5. Select a Domain Name.

If your preference is too particular and unexpectedly you lose excitement for your niche or kick out of topic ideas, you’re affixed with your new domain. Nevertheless, if you enhance your priority a little bit, you can enrich your content and have sufficient fluidity to secure consistency, avoid withdrawing, and better facilitate your website for the long journey.

 Here is another aspect you need to consider before selecting a name for your website.

You have to acquire your blog’s domain name from a domain registrar company. You need to pay approximately $10/year.

You must buy the domain name because it’s very helpful to generate traffic on your website. 

A. Your Name as a Domain Name

Most people prefer to utilize their names for their blogs. Personal domains are more productive than the ones based on any special niche. Though, if your name is your domain, then there is no necessity to change course when you want to add more verticals to your niche.

You can select your domain according to your work and business if you have any type of issue to select the domain name so can Contact me any time I will help you for selecting the domain name.

 B. Domain Extensions

Domains come up with several extensions – .com, .us, .guru, .sport, .com, is adopted for the United States, .guru is adopted for tutoring blogs, and .sport is adopted for sports blogs.

 But, .com is the top-level domain that’s more detailed and generally aided by search engines. So we must be suggested to you guys buy a.Com.

If.Com is not available on your domain name so can use the S, ES. Then, I, andafter that have you got any type of issue so you can contact me any time Definetaily I will help you.

 6. Select a Blog Hosting Company and Register Your Domain.

Each website needs a web host to register its site on a server so that visitors can access it online. Without a hosting account, your blog will not be visible on the web.

The success of your blog relies heavily on your provider, so you should specify the best web hosting you can. A great hosting platform retains your site up and drives without break, enhances security, and integrates with WordPress.

There are a lot of hosting websites are available to buy hosting plans but I will share some trusted websites. If you are a beginner so I personally recommend you have to go with a year plan because you should not go with an expansive plan because you are a beginner so go with a year plan.

There some trusted websites I goona share with all the details are mentioned below in this paragraph.

  1. Bluehost
  2. Dreamhost
Bluehost:- Blue hosting is the most popular hosting website for beginners. because they are offered a great service plan at affordable prices.
If you have stuck or have problems with your website they have 24 supports call or live chat.
They also offer SEO tools for optimizing the website.

Dreamhost:- They are shared the fantastic monthly to monthly plan at affordable prices.Free SSL Certificate along with unlimited website traffic with the price of $ 3.95 per month.

You should specify a host that is reliable and comes at an affordable price. At this phase, your best selection might be a simple budgeted hosting plan next, you have to enroll in the domain and choose a web hosting company to activate your blog.

 7. Choose your Blog’s Theme.



Now you acquire a WordPress account; you require to choose your WordPress theme. A WordPress theme is an exposition of templates, files, and stylesheets that maintains the appearance and design of your WordPress-developed website.

Websites with an incorrectly organized layout are difficult to steer and undermine your blog’s user knowledge.

 Remember, you don’t have to spend capital to introduce a paid theme if you find a free one you wish. However, make sure it looks good, loads rapidly, and browsers can access data quickly.

 8. Install Your Top 10 WordPress Plugins.

Since WordPress is open-source, you can remake your site in an endless amount of ways. And this starts up with WordPress plugins.

 These are tons of tools that combine with your website and increase its functionality and feature set. WordPress comes up with thousands of plugins with different functions.

I Will share with you the 10 Most important plugins for WordPress so must install on the WordPress website. 

  1. Yoast or Rank Math SEO
  2. Akismet Anti-spam
  3. Contact form
  4. GP premium
  5. Jetpack by WordPress
  6. Lite speed cache
  7. Site Kit by Google
  8. Sumsh Lazy Load
  9. Redirection
  10. XML Sitemap
You should install the plugins in WordPress they all help to improve your website traffic and look like a Genuine website.

 9. Start writing quality and authentic content and try to avoid stealing ideas from other bloggers.


how to write quality content

I find out people used to steal ideas from other bloggers. Because and I’m sure that they look at it as a shortcut so when someone steals a blog post idea that is very authentic. Readers are not so foolish that they can’t even know that the content is unique or not. 

The content must be engaging. If you are thinking that you can cheat Google, then you are guessing wrong. Because Google is smarter than you. So unless your content is authentic and quality, your post will not rank on the top pages of Google. 

Google bots offer quality and spam content easily. So never think of fooling Google.  Always post good content on the blog so that Google recognizes your blog and gets it indexed as soon as possible.

 If you wish to discern your post in the first position in the Google search engine, then you have to first pay attention to the excellence of the content.

Always write unique and quality content. Also, your content should be interesting and attractive. And one thing that needs your attention, your articles should be at least 1000 words.  Because long content comes faster in the search engine than short content.

We Suggest

How to Write an Article      

 10. Update blogs regularly.

how-to-wrtie-a blog-

 The main reason for most people failing in blogging is not updating the blog regularly. If you think that if you update 1-2 posts in a week, and your blog will rank, then you should remove this thing from your mind.

For Research get the keywords Idea Click below Link

How to get keywords idea

 If you start a new blog, you should keep updating it regularly to make it a successful blog. how to start a blog If you update your blog regularly then you will get two benefits from it.

 The first benefit will be that your regular reader will visit your blog and will come daily to read new posts on your blog, due to which the traffic of your blog will increase. And the other benefit will be that Google will greatly like the blog or website on which some posts are updated regularly. 

Thus, your ranking in the regular search engine will increase and you will get more traffic than a search engine.

 11. How To Make money blogging


How to make money with a blog



Affiliate marketing is one of the great tools for making money with your blog. Firstly, an advertiser has a product and wants to sell the product. 

They will offer a commission from each sale if the buyer is visiting your site. Also, she gives you a different link that will help to track your affiliate code.

That is why she knows when a buyer will use your link to make a purchase. After that, you can add your affiliate link to your site. 

You can relate this directly to the content or through banner ads. If a reader clicks on your unique link and buys the product that you recommended. 

Lastly, you can earn a percentage of what she purchased. Also, you can build private partnerships with advertisers and businesses with an affiliate program.

You can also show the Google Ads on your website but they are some Policy for show the Google Ads on the website so first of all, you must be complete the google ads policy.

 If you want to know more tricks about Google Adsense so We Suggest

 Google AdSense Account Approval Trick 2021  

How should we create content?

You must be curious to know how you should create content. Content Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea that can be prepared by anyone. As some of people start writing as per the specified niche or given guidelines by searching on the web. A content writer must know how to employ professional techniques that will help to drive huge traffic and rank higher on the Google Search Engine Results Page. 

Effective content is the composition that engages, entertains and most-of-all supports to attain your business objectives. Also, effective content writing bends site guests into satisfied visitors.  It’s also very important to produce high-quality and unique content.

Some of the specialized content writers are familiar with the professional techniques and know-how to write well-organized content. We should make sure that the texts developed in some popular companies consider these technicalities and deliver a detailed execution of ROI.

 Some Important Questions to Discuss

How to start a blog  with a blogger 

How to start a blog with WordPress

1.How much money you can make from a blog?

 So if you get 1,000 page views a month, you can make money between $10-$100 per month. But if you can get to 100,000 page views a month you can make money between $1,000 – $10,000 off of your blog per month.

2.Should I start a blog?

       You can make money with blogging.

       Blogging is easy.

       Google loves blogs.

       Blogging makes you a better person.

       Blogging helps other people.

       Self-promotion and new opportunities.

       Use blogs to stay in touch.

3.How do I start writing a blog?

       Select a perfect niche for your blog.

       Choose a blogging platform.

       Pick a domain name.

       Get a web hosting account.

       Starting a blog on WordPress.

       Select a WordPress theme to develop your blog.

       Write content and promote your blog.

       Make money blogging

4.How much we need to spend to start a blog?

Sure it’s less expensive than most of the marketing strategies, but it still costs a lot of money to initiate it. If you are a beginner so you have to go with the basic plan. and you can visit my 1 article on how to start the blog with a blogger you just want to build a personal blog, you can do so for free enough through the use of And if you want to host a blog on your server with your domain name, you can do so by paying a charge of under $50 a year.

5.How can I start writing?

       Start in the Middle. If you don’t know where to start, don’t bother about what you decide and what will be in the future.

       Start Small and Build Up

       Incentivize the Reader

       Commit to a Title Up Front

       Create a Synopsis

       Allow Yourself to Write Badly

       Make Up the Story as You Go

       Do the Opposite.

6.Why do most blogs fail?

The main reason behind the failure of blogs is a lack of passion: they don’t have any passion and interest in blogging, and they just start blogging because they saw a particular “popular blogger”. They only start blogging for a business purpose to make money.




In this how to start a blog, Lastly, we had a concept that blogging is just a hobby? how to start a blog. So we must think again that it can help you to make good money. However to get initiated, select your niche as per your choice and turn your blog into a nice little money earner.

Telling you honestly: blogging is the easiest and simplest way to make money from home. Also, the amazing thing is that anyone can do it. And it looks amazing and puts on extra quality in your CV.

There are 3 Series of How to start a blog

  • How to Start a Blog Part 1
  • How to start a blog For Blogger
  • How to start a blog For WordPress

 All you need is something interesting to say and enough patience and dedication to build traffic and increase a huge number of followers. But the main question that arises in your mind how do successful bloggers make their money?

Our guidelines will lead to building a concrete action plan to get your blog off the ground and grow it into a profitable little business from home.

Some of the tips are as described above, you don’t need to follow every tip. Lastly, just follow those in which you are passionate and interested.

Now put the suggestions about how to start a blog in the comment section.

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