How to sell products on WhatsApp

How to Sell Products on WhatsApp?

Hey Guys, I hope you are okay in these crazy days; today, we will discuss how to sell products on WhatsApp. You know, guys, social media is the most growing platform nowadays. Lots of people are starting to buy products on social media platforms.


WhatsApp is one of the most used Social Media platforms in today’s world. It is a social media application that permits its clients and users to stay in touch with their loved ones from any region of the planet, at any random time and is gigantically getting famous because of its easy and convenient using techniques and features. Start your business with what’s app full guidance and tips & tricks

WhatsApp is not only a place where you can chat, audio or video call your loved ones, but it is slowly transforming and upgrading into an app that can be used for business transactions and deals as well. 

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Tips to involve WhatApp for E-commerce

In India, there are almost 20 Crore individuals who are active users of WhatsApp in today’s world. With a solitary stage having such an immense crowd, you can anticipate that organizations and retail vendors should catch the chance for selling their stuff using this informing stage administration.

As we referenced before, there are more than 20 Crore individuals in India, who utilize WhatsApp for informing. Other than that, over 90% of cell phone clients in India have WhatsApp introduced on their gadgets. There are over 56% of web clients who utilize this social platform today.


These details provide you with an extraordinary image of the business opportunity that this platform gives. Presently, now is the ideal time to figure out how to utilize WhatsApp to sell your products and increase your business income. 

Step-by-Step Guide you on how to sell products on WhatsApp

Begin by selling to your known contacts

The initial move towards selling your items through WhatsApp is to offer your stuff to individuals you know and who are on your contact list. This strategy would help you in improving at making an attempt to sell something, doing dealings, and so forth simultaneously,

when you offer your products to individuals you know, you can expect criticism from them which can help you grow your business and improve at places of improvement. 

Join WhatsApp seller groups

The subsequent stage for you is to look for the changed WhatsApp bunches that are made by the dealers to sell on the web. These gatherings are controlled by individuals who themselves sell their stuff on the web. There are various ways of looking and joining these WhatsApp selling gatherings, few of these are-

  • The most ideal way to look for such gatherings on WhatsApp is to ask individual web-based merchants. By chance, if you know someone who is selling on the web, ask them what dealer bunch they are a piece of to sell their things. 
  • Another method for looking for these bunches is to utilize Facebook. Numerous Facebook bunches are running today where little retail dealers sell their items on the web. There is an exceptional likelihood that these Facebook merchants would likewise be selling their things on WhatsApp. You can join such gatherings and take help from vendors to find out what the future looks like. 
  • Apart from these, a couple of sites are accessible where you can look for WhatsApp bunches according to your decision of class. One such illustration of a running site where individuals can look for changed internet selling bunches according to their nation is ‘Grupaya’.
  • If you need you can make your trading bunch that can continuously develop throughout some time with the assistance of your current WhatsApp contacts.

Dealing with Payments on WhatsApp

When you get a request for your product on WhatsApp, the next big step is the way you gather your installment from your buyer. Following are a few ways that could help you do so-

  • You can straightforwardly get compensated to your record utilizing the WhatsApp installment strategy. Indeed it’s valid, WhatsApp permits you to send receive online payments that go straight to your account. 
  • You can get payments by online payment mobile apps like Paytm, google pay, PhonePe, and so on to get cash.
  • You can also request the purchaser to directly transfer the net amount to your bank account through net banking.
  • There also may be instances where the buyer demands a COD facility i.e. Cash On Delivery. You can use administration like Kraftly Seller which helps you in taking care of COD payments as well as deals with your product’s delivery. This choice is a reward for any internet-based dealer where his payments and delivery issues are taken care of by external experts 

Dealing with the Product Shipping and Delivery

Now that you have arranged the part of the payments, next comes the delivery of your ordered products. To transfer the package to the client you can take help from nearby courier services such as DTDC, FedEx, and so on or you can choose the choice of utilizing eCommerce delivering sources such as ShipRocket. 

The benefit of using services like ShipRocket is that it accompanies various dispatch accomplices, COD (cash on delivery), and includes the least transportation rates to convey your products all over India.


These transportation stages likewise permit you to follow your orders constantly and keep in mind that it tells your buyers about the current status of the package they have ordered. 

WhatsApp is an extraordinary stage for internet selling. Any small Indian retailer can now use the benefits of eCommerce trading and it perhaps is a big stage for great consumer interaction and a place to find new and potential buyers. 

Make the List of Contacts

Start making the list of contacts it also helps to sell the products on the what’s app if you start making the list of contacts then you can share the product by individually as well you can share them on your story their chance to get lead to sell more products by whats app.

You can also make the broadcast and add the lots of people on the products and share your products as and sell your products.