How to Increase Traffic on the Website | WEBSITE RANKING


How to Increase Traffic on the Website | WEBSITE RANKING

Hey, Guys Hope you are fine Today we will discuss the traffic on the website. Traffic is the most important thing on the website. 
Website traffic is both an important indicator as well as growth for your business
  • Its help in increasing your audience
  • Its help to Growth to earn money
  • Gather insights about your audience
  • Its help in improving SEO search engine capability 
  • More interaction with the audience
  • See how well your marketing working
  • Its help to Increasing your rank of a website
There is a lot of way to Increasing the traffic on the website for website ranking we will discuss paid and free way to increasing the traffic on the website.
More difficulty when beginners get low traffic on the website also helps to increase the traffic on the website for beginners. so if want to increase so read up the article till at the end.
Today we will discuss the free and paid traffic way on our website also discussing the free and paid tools, and SEO strategy for more traffic so read up the article till at the end.

Freeways to increasing the traffic on the website from Google

On-page SEO 

On-page SEO is one of the best ways to increasing the traffic on the websites and rank in the search engine. Including the content of the article. Always write a rich and informational article.
Use the google extension tools to make Title of articles always including the Main keywords on the article and also you can make the custom URL of your articles before posting.

Write the massive meta description of the articles according to the Google content policy. Including the main keywords in the meta descriptions.
Use the Optimization image with the proper tag in the image. its also help to optimize your blog and ranking up on Search engine.

Use of Google my business

If you don’t link Google my business so quickly join and link with your websites to the Google business. Then we can know the need of the customers and complete the needs of the customers and then increasing the traffic on the website.
If you are providing the knowledgeable content to your customers so they might forgive your website and chance to come again and visit your website.

Question Hub

Question hub one best Google Q&A Platform where you can get organic on your website. If you still don’t link your account with Question hub so first to link with a website using a hub. 
Also available the preformation tools on the question you also tracking your valuable answer. Keep link your articles according to your topic and increasing your organic visitors.

see on this screenshots as the performance of the Question Hub

Other Freeway to increasing the traffic on the website.

Build Backlinks

Build the backlink with high DA and PA website there is a lot of website available on the google for backlink its help to increasing the traffic and also increasing the DA and Pa of the website.

If you don’t know about the how-to create backlink with a high authority website so you can read these articles there full of Details about the backlink. How to make backlink.

Use the share button on the website.

If you still don’t add the share buttons the website so adds it. Whenever any visitor comes from anywhere and he likes your valuable content so they can easy to share with your link with the other and then get more traffic on your websites.
increase traffic on the website 1

It also helps to viral of your articles on social media and then you get more traffic and rank up your website and also increasing your audience.

Target the Long term keywords

Always target the long term keywords. Long term keywords are very helpful to increase the traffic on your websites for a long time.
For select the batter keywords use tools if don’t know which keywords tools are best so don’t worry. I will help you you can check this post for Top keywords Research tools. It will help to Research the keywords.its also helps to analyze the keywords.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best sources for increasing the traffic on the websites. Nowadays everyone has a mobile and Gmail is must use the phone so you can use emails to visitors and if sand the emails to 100 people so if 50 people are visiting and 50 ignore so don’t be sad at least 50free visitor you got.

If you don’t have an email address so you can build up the gmails and use the subscriber button on your screen and then the subscriber will get automatically visit on the websites.

Share Post on Social Media

If you don’t have a social media account so first make the page on social media its major priority of the blog and it’s also helpful the build the trust of visitors.
Whenever you published your article so also share the post on your social media page this way so you can turn your social media audience to the website and get visits if your content is shareable.
Always creating useful content on your websites in this way, you will not only get the traffic you also build up the trust with customers

Replay to Reader

In your Article, if you got the comments so always replay to your reader and know what they want if solved the problems it makes trust between you and the reader, and then he again comes to read your articles.

It’s also your help to learn your mistakes and then you can improve your mistakes and build your confidence.

Engage Online Contact

Engage online with Audience its must need interacting with your audience they’re a lot of ways to talk to your audience and solve the problems of your audience.

Answer the Questions your audience posting. also, get the feedback from the visitor and then, ask the problems to the visitors its help yo obtain the get more traffic on the websites.


Always make the interlinking with the post its help to obtain the get more traffic on websites. make the linking with related post whenever visit your post then your suggest or related post also visit.

Make Sure Your Website is Fast

Always check the website is how much time is it taking to load. because if your websites take time to load so optimization your website first because this thing impacts on your website and reduce your audience.

There are a lot of websites is available to optimize your website also make sure that your pages are as technically optimized as possible like that heavy size image, file, and invisible HTML using the theme faster you site and load. 


You can use the Google trusted tools which help to make sure to you which files are increasing your lode. Google Page Speed Insights.

Examine Your Analytics Data

You should be analysis your Google Analytics data it’s very helpful to you you can use the information to inform your promotional and content strategy.
Pay attention to your existing post and analysis the data  which post is most popular and also inspect your visitors to see how, when visitor come int the websites,

By the Paid Promotions to get traffic on the website from Google

Google Advertising

You can also get the traffic on the website by the paid promotions. By this, you can high amount of traffic on the websites. when you chose your plan and according to article show on the top whenever any sone searches the keywords on Google.

Banner advertising also helps to increase the traffic of your websites. Banner advertising means advertising your post by the third party blogger. You can get more views and increasing traffic on your websites.
If you want to Banner Advertising so then you can contact to high domain authority blogger if you will pay him so blogger differently contacts with you.

Social Media Paid Promotions

You can also be posting on your social media page and whenever you published your article so also share the post on your social media page this way so you can turn your social media audience to the website and get visits if your content is shareable.

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn also allowed for paid promotions you get the more the visitors and increasing the traffic on your websites  

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