How to Add Push Notification in Blogger

how-to-add-push-notification-in blogger

Hey, Guys, I hope you are well in these crazy days. Please tell me about yourself in the comments section. Today we will discuss How to Add Push Notifications in Blogger.

Push Notifications beneficial part of getting more views on the blogger. Its help the user to get a notification whenever a blogger post on their blogger.

If you are a blogger and still do not add notifications on blogger, then you should add in your blogger; you can get more visitors on your blogger and rank the website.

So If you are a beginner and do not know how to add the push notification bell icons, don’t worry. I will help you with How to Add Push Notification in Blogger.

So please follow all the steps turn by turn don’t skip any steps.

So let’s go

Push Notification for Blogger

What is Push Notification

Push Notifications Alarm Bell Reader When a Blogger Posts a New. The push notification bell is an alarm to the reader or viewer whenever a blogger posts a post of their blogger when users get a notification on their phone or laptop.

It’s like an alarm when you set the time on your watch, and your watch will be alarmed according to a set of times. So same like that this work whenever a blogger posts any blog then it automatically user will get a notification on his laptop or mobile.

Why is Push Notification Important?

Users today have a hard time remembering what apps they even have on their devices. Push notifications help these services deliver timely and relevant information to users, and in doing so, stay top of mind.

Push notifications at their core are simply a way of alerting users to information that they have opted-in to from apps and services. Notifications encompass nearly every possible use case and type of service, including other communications mediums like email, SMS, and VoIP.

So, First of all, go to google and find out one signal website is open, and your screen will be like as below screenshot.

Step:-1 First of all Signup the one signal account with your email


Step 2 Fill the all the details on the signal form. You can directly fill out your email and sign up via GitHub, Google, and Facebook. You can fill by according to your choice, but I suggest you go with Gmail account use Gmail which you have used in Blogger.


Step-3 After Signing up for the id, your screen will show as below screenshot.

  1. Fil the Blog Name
  2.  Select the chrome icon
  3. Then click on Next Configuration


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Step:-4 (Web Configuration) In web configuration, click on

  1. Click the custom link
  2. Click On blogger


  1. Step:-5(Blogger Site Steup) After clicking on blogger, you got the step as you can see on the screenshot and fill the more details.
    1. Fill in the website name
    2. Fill the site URL
    3. If your Website has an SSL certificate, go with HTTPS; otherwise, of the switch.
    4. Change icon is optional if you want to change so you can change the icon other go to the next step



Then go the next step to Parmisson promote setup and don’t change more setting.

Step:-6 ( WelCome Notification) In which only things need to change.

  1.  Fil the Your website Title Name
  2. Add the Welcome note according to your wish, then go next step


Step:-7 (Advance Push Setting) There is no need to change anything. Only click on save.

After clicking on the save, wait a minute, and the code will be showing after showing the whole code and going on your blog theme section.


Step:- 8 After waiting a minute, you will get the below code. Now copy the whole code and go to the blogger >theme. edit HTML> paste the code


Step:- 8 Now paste the whole copied code below the <head>, save the setting, then visit your website home page, and get a notification on a web page.


After completing, all the steps, visit your site then you will get an automatic notification bell icon on your site. Would you please put your suggestion in the comment section?

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If not able to add the push notification bell icon so you can directly call me any time, I will solve your problems. So please put the feedback if you successfully add the bell icon in the blogger. Would you mind sharing your feedback in the comments section?

Again thanks for reading this article till the end; thanks, guys.