How do I use WordPress Backup Plugin

How do I use WordPress Backup Plugin

Hey, Guys Hope You are Fine. Nowadays billion of bloggers are posting on Google. But lots of people are getting hacked by hackers. In this world lots of hackers are available.

So we need the backup area where you can backup your data or storage the data. On google, lots of ways are available for free WordPress backup plugins.

But today we will share one of the best and commonly used free WordPress backup plugins this plugin are lots of people are currently used and having a good rating. so if want to backup your data safely without paying any cost so read up this article without any cost

In WordPress, lots of plugins are available for backup your data but I personally suggest Updraft Plus is one of the best platforms where you can backup your site on a lot of platforms.

You can backup your data on any of your remote storage. Lots of remote storage are available you can choose your remote storage google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, Google Cloud, Amazone S3, SFTP, Dream Object, Microsoft Azure, FTP, S3 Compatible, Open Stock, Dream Object, Rackspace, Email, etc

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Free WordPress Backup Plugin.

Updraft Plus

simplifies backups and restoration. It is the world’s highest-ranking and most popular scheduled backup plugin, with over three million currently-active installs. Back up your files and database backups into the cloud and restore with a single click!

Why Updraft Plus

There are 5 major reasons you should be used the updraft plugins.

  1. Having 5 ratings on the WordPress plugin store.
  2. Its Regularly Developed
  3. Actively Support.
  4. Multiple Backup locations.
  5. Restoring Backup is simple.

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These 5 Simple Steps you can backup your Site on the remote storage location.

  1. Install WP Plugin.
  2. Sign Up for your StoragE locations.
  3. Connect WP to storage locations.
  4. Change the Setting.
  5. Make Manuual backup.

Now Lets started.

  1. Install WP Plugin.

1.1-First of all Log in to your WordPress On Google Chrom then Goto on the dashboard and click on the Plugin


1.2-Now click on the plugins and click on the add plugins as you can see on the next screenshot


1.3- Now Click on the Add Plugins

Now search the Updraft plugin and install the plugin after that activate the plugin.

Note:-Now Decide the in which you want to backup your WordPress data. I am going with Google Drive because from for many years. You can go according to your experience.

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2. Sign Up for your Storage locations.

2.1-Now Sign Up for the Storage location with your Gmail account With Google Drive. Now Sing into your Google Account with your  Gmail id. I have to hide because of private issues.

Note:- I Personally Suggesting you do not have to use the mail that is logged in to your WoedPress


2.2-.Now Allow the Access to Google account to Updraft  as you can see on the Screenshot


3-Connect WP to storage locations.  Now this time connect the Wp to a storage location 

After allowing your screen will be showing like this so then Click on the Complete setup your screen will be showing like this as you can see on point no.4


4. Change the Setting.

Now we have to change some settings so let’s go to the Dashboard area and click on Setting.

Dashboard Area→Setting→Updeaft→→ setting

4.1Now Click On the settings on the dashboard then goes to Updraft plugin after that click on the updraft setting. After that’s as per the screenshot change the setting or otherwise, you can change the backup time as per your requirement


5. Make Manuual backup.

5.1-Now this time to make the WordPress backup into Google Drive after a click on the Complete setup your screen will be showing like as you can see on the below screenshot and now this time click on backup now.


5.2-After click on theBackup now your screen will be showing like as below screenshot


Just wait and watch your data is proccing your data will be back up in just a minute.

5.3- Now your data is complete backup into google drive and also you can also save your download to your computer also you can download the data as per your requirements as you can see on the screenshot  Like Database, plugin, and theme

How do I use WordPress Backup Plugin


I have shared all the details about the How do I use the WordPress Backup Plugin step by step this will help you backup your data into remote storage.

These tools are totally free having no cost for backup your contact. Every tool has a subscriptions charge for backup the WordPress data. This is totally free of cost anyone can be used for your WordPress. For installation you have to follow all the steps then you can backup your data on any remote storage device.

You can use the updraft free version don’t need to go with the premium version so used it and share your opinion in the comments section.

This is very helpful for every WordPress user. should be used to backup your data on google drive. But it can be mannually use. Having totally free-of-cost tool. Everyone can be used it for WordPress.

If you have got any issues during installation so then you can contact me any time I will help you also you can join us on Telegram where I am sharing the tips and tricks for blogs on a daily basis.

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