How am I making $10,000 from online businesses?


Hey guys I hope you are fine on these crazy days we will discuss some tips and tricks to earn money by online business. If you are unemployed so don’t worry there are some tricks and tips to earn money in some way. If you want to earn money through online businesses so can follow my tips and tricks so let’s start

Start my story with a short introduction of myself. I’m a web developer by profession, a content creator as a hobby, and a crypto trader by passion. I run three successful online businesses including Yooimage. I’ll go through each of these and tell you how I started each business. I’m making $10,000 collectively from these businesses each month.

List of Online Businesses.

Early Life:

I was born in a modest family and my father had a small business that was not doing well. So from early childhood helping my father in his business was our only option. Which affected our early schooling badly. My brother and I used to take long vacations from school and work on our father’s business. In those circumstances, we finished school.

When I finished school, it was the time when my father died due to a heart attack. Despite skipping classes I was really passionate about studying and was very good at it. I used to get good grades in every class. As a result of that, I got a 100% scholarship in college. I was learning, and practicing many skills in college and school but my really professional life started after college.

How do I get into Coding?

Even in bad financial conditions, I was really fond of computers and technology. My best time in school was when I got to class in the computer lab of our school. My parents were very kind to us. They knew about my love for computers so they saved money and luckily bought me a computer.

I remember I used to play GTA Vice City on that computer. I used to play games on that PC all day. As I was into games my curious mind made me think about how those games were made. I had no IT background even though my parents were not that educated.

So I began searching for game development without any guidance. In that search, I learned about a software called ‘Game Maker’.

I downloaded that software to begin learning it. Eventually, I started to get some skills in it and I developed a few small strategy-based games. Game Maker has a community where individual game developers can upload their small games for other people. In that community, a game named ‘Crime Life’ has its own following.

It was considered an advanced game in that community. So I got the inspiration from that game and built a few games and uploaded them to the community as well. I was in eighth grade at that time.

I was making games on Game Maker but I slowly lost interest in that because nobody was downloading my games. Definitely, people were doing right because my games were totally trash in comparison to other games.

I loved to create a product and give it to people for their use and see their feedback. So I shifted my interest from games because that was not doing well. I was in search of some other product or field where I can reach more people.

At that point, I came to know about the movie ‘the social network’ where the life of mark the founder of Facebook. Which really inspired me. I also used to browse different sites daily and curiously thought about how we could create something like this. That incident became the base for my long journey in coding.

So I started Web Development. I remembered I created my first PHP page in Ninth grade. I was learning programming as a hobby and doing part-time jobs during college and university. After completing my graduation.

I started a full job at a local software house. In the next two years, I did three jobs in different offices but the job was not my main goal. I was doing those jobs to get experience.

Starting My Businesses:

After getting experience from different jobs. I finally realized it was time to start something. As I’d much experience in programming so the only option for me was to do something in IT. I started with Freelancing. I’m explaining each business one by one below:


Like many software offices in my town, I also started freelancing. I created my profile on Fiverr and Upwork. I began with Fiverr and created some gigs and I was good to go. Luckily One of my Woocommerce Plugin gigs went viral.

I got my first order of $500 which was too much for me also for a new profile. I delivered that order successfully which led to more orders. It was the year 2019 and I was making really good money for the first time in my life. That my profile is still live till this date (April-2022). But I keep that as a secondary income source. I easily make $2000–$2500 every month from that profile.

My Own IT company:

After getting huge motivation from freelancing, I decided to start my own IT company. So while freelancing I began working on my own company. Finding a name was really an issue for me. I spent two months figuring out a good name for my company and came up with the name Nexbloke. I rented a small office and hired two internees.

I don’t suggest renting out an office from the start but I had freelancing earnings on my back which helped me a lot.

I started doing my client’s projects under the name of the next bloke. Client base work was not my main goal, My main goal was to build a product that I can give to a large number of people. So I came up with an idea for an online tools base website named Yooimage.

That site was dedicatedly built for image tools. Our first tool was an image compressor tool. Which decreases the size of any JPG, PNG, GIF, and WEBP picture. It decreases photo size up to 60% and with some extra benefits like free, without registration, and a large limit, It was a big hit.

After getting a huge response for the first we built our second tool which was Image Resizer which can resize any of your pictures into your desired size. We kept the same high-quality standards for both tools which helped us to grow this product.

We are now at six tools completed and launched on Yooimage and working on three more. Our goal is to expand to 50 tools in two years. After working under the name of a separate company I increased my earnings to $6000–$7000 per month.

Trading Crypto:

Crypto these days is the main thing I’m in love with. I started trading in crypto in July of last year. I remembered My first deposit was 30$ in my wallet. I began learning to trade and slowly investing more money into it.

I knew it was a really risky way to earn money. 99% of traders lose money, and I did the same. I literally vanished all my money in the first two months, but I didn’t lose hope and instead started giving it more time to learn to trade. I studied different indicators and patterns. Gradually.

I started making profits and increased my depositing amount as well. Now I’ve more than $20,000 in my crypto wallet and I’m making a 10%-20% monthly profit. Which makes my profits $2000-$4000 monthly.


All these income streams make me $10,000 on average every month. I know this is not too much and I think the same. I’m working on it to increase it every month. My Wallet size is increasing and my company/product is increasing as well. My next target is $25,000 monthly and I’m fully confident I’ll reach that point in the next few months. Will share that story as well 🙂

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