Google AdSense Account Approval Trick 2020 For Blogger


Google AdSense Account Approval Trick 2020 | Blogger

Hey, Guys Today we will be discussing Google Adsense. Google AdSense such a thing that everyone wants to show ads on our website.
But everyone doesn’t get very quickly. Every blogger works very much to achieve Google AdSense Approval. But they do some wrong things while writing content.
That’s why they do not get Google AdSense approval. You guys do some mistakes and that mistake have you do while updating your blog. These mistakes will discuss it with you.
Today I will discuss Google AdSense Account Approval Trick if want to get Google AdSense approval on your account so don’t do these mistakes. If you do these mistakes regularly so then you can ban your exiting account. If you are a beginner so we are suggested you.
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If you are a beginner so you can’t get the approval of Google AdSense On your blog so If you want to learn up about the Google AdSense Approval so read up the article until the end. So Lets Start.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program that runs and developed by Google. Which website publisher in the Google network of content serves image, text, video, and advertisement that are the target to the content and audience, and all these ads are maintained by Google according to your content.

Google AdSense Approval Trick

  1. Custom Domain
  2. Domain  Age
  3. Don’t Spam
  4. Content
  5. Some Mandatory Page
  6. Don’t Use Copywrite Image
  7. Minimum 15-20 post
  8. Some Mandatory Social Link
  9. Theme
  10. Language
  11. Spammy View
1.Custom Domain

You Should have a custom domain name Like Com, Org, In. If you have a custom domain name that helps you for Google Adsense as well help you get traffic on your websites.
 I must suggest to the you.Com Domain name if you go with this so their full chance of getting AdSense Aprprovel in First chance so First Take the domain name.

2.Domain Age

Your domain name aged should be more than 21days means more than 3 three weeks. You can also apply after 2days but there are very rare chances to approve. according to Google Policy, you can apply after 21 days. after 21 days of full chance to approve your account.

3. Don’t Spam 

Don’t write spammy content on your blog. Like that Fake work, hacking content, and spammy content if doing this so then you cant take the approval google AdSense approval in your future and can ban your AdSense Account.
If you wrote the Spammy hacking content on your site so then remove it from the website and also you can replace it.


Your Content Should be unique and Informational, If you use copyright trick then google AdSense not approved your account. 
You will get copyright violence and you will be maybe your Google AdSense are banned so don’t Copywrite the content on your website 
Write the Rich, unique, and knowledgeable content this does not only help you google AdSense its help to grow your audience on your blog.

5.Some Mandatory Page

There are some mandatory page like About us, Contact Us, Term & Condition, Disclaimer, Privacy, and Policy Add these pages on your website
If you don’t add these pages on your websites so then you can never get the approval from the Google AdSense so if these pages are not in your site add these pages today itself on your site.
If don’t have these pages you can write from this site  Privacy and policy Generator

6. Don’t Use Copywrite Image

Don’t use the Copywrite image on your blog. You can get Copywrite violence on the blog and also you cant get Google AdSense approved on your blog.

Do not let the image download from Google. If you do this you can get the copy violence on the blog while you apply for Google AdSense.
If you want to use google pic so you can use after editing the image and also  can make you edit the image and you can download from the

7.Minimum 15-20 post

On your blog has should be a maximum of 20 articles. Every post article should be unique and Informational content. Don’t use any copywriting content on your articles.

Every Article has a maximum of more than 1000 words according to the Google Content Policy and your content us should be informational and knowledgeable

8.Some Mandatory Social Link

Social Media Link should be linked with your website. Cause of social media you can get the Google Adsense approval. I am telling you how to help social media link to approve Google AdSense account.
The first thing is your website does not look like a fake website, Is build up the trust between customer and you and also build trust with Google. If your social media pages are linked with the website so then it also helps to approve Google AdSense.
You can link Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and FeedReader and any your required page also used.

9. Use Optimize Theme

For Google, Adsense Theme is also mattered. But I personally I suggest to you guys you should be simple theme use for your blog and theme is well developed and that theme you use should be customized.
Your theme should be properly customized and should look like Parfationally. Should be set the all the pages on the bottom of the blog.

10 Language

You can use the all language blog. Google AdSense Approve all languages Hindi, English, Urdu, Panjabi, Frace, Germany, and more many languages.

11. Don’t Buy Paid View

I have already discussed pint no 3 don’t spam with Google if you do this so then you cant get Google Adsense Approval. So don’t buy the Google Bot view on your website if you do this so you can be lost your Google AdSense Account. So if are Beginners So Don’t Do this if you do this you never get the Google AdSense Approval on the Blog.
After applying all trick then you have not to get approved so please drop the comment on the comment section then I can help to you other you can join my telegram group  Telegram where we will discuss every problem and share the idea about the blogging. 

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