Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO


Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO

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So today, we will discuss the Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO if you want to know about them, so read up this article until the end. After reading, please put your suggestions in the comment section about the Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO.

Blogger apprehends keywords as the most significant part of the content. In contrast, you are writing the content. That’s why we tend to square measure additional specializing in the keywords. You can be ranking keywords by use of this Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO.

Today, we’ll discuss the free and Best way keyword analysis tools, so you don’t worry. I will be able to tell you about the Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Therefore you’ve got to browse my entire article until the last and that I can teach you with the image and proof; therefore, keep until the last.

So square measure you Guys prepared..! Let’s start with the 

Free Keyword Research Tool For Bloggers


The keyword may be a word that describes your valuable content of page or post. It is that the search term that you need to Rank for a precise page once keywords square measure searched by folks on any computer program like Google, Bing, and Youtube they ought to realize that post on your website.


A keyword perhaps be during a single word, It’s perhaps over signal words there square measure three varieties of keywords it depends on you which of them square measure you chose

#a.Type of Keywords By Length:-

#Short-tail Keyword-

Short tail keyword square measure manufactured from the over 2 words and fewer than 3 words. short-tail keywords are known as the top keyword

Short-tail keyword square measures high search volume keywords and additionally terribly competitive keywords. This keyword will take time to rank up or might not take time to rank up.

#b.Long-tail keyword:-

Long-tail keyword square measure over 3 words. These keywords are low, competitive keywords. Its have a coffee search volume. This keyword could take longer to rank up the keyword.

#C.Short-term recent keyword:-

This keyword could also be short, or my belong these keywords square measure Trending keyword. Once again, the new flick will be free, and then the previous flick gets down that’s a sort of keyword square measure short term keyword.

#dLong term evergreen keyword:-

Long-term ever keyword square measure that keyword continually increasing the speed of volume not decrease. That keyword has a large search volume and a high competitive keyword continually. like YOUTUBE is that the long run Ever inexperienced Keywords

Importance of keyword:- Keyword is very important due to the linchpin between the folks sorting out the content you’re providing to fill the necessity.

The keyword helps to rank up your page or post. After we use this as in step with the SEO Policy, it often increases and ranks up your article, and you’ll know. Therefore why choose the keyword because of the SEO POLICY.

#2.Best way to get keywords idea

Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO

There is a great deal of how to analyze the tool. If you’re not a beginner, you’ve got less problem finding the keywords if you square measure a beginner; therefore, could you’ve got additional problem researching the keywords. Once I was a beginner, I had faced up a lot of issues while researching the keyword.

I created a lot of mistakes throughout the beginning; however, currently, you may not do those mistakes. I will be able to tell my expertise. therefore if square measure a beginner and find out about the keyword, therefore, browse up the article until at the tip will be able to your best thanks to analysis the keywords

#Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the foremost widespread websites wherever you’ll be able to comprehend the trending article. In step with the journal topic, you’ll be able to search on the Google trends, and you’ll be able to additionally choose the trending keywords if keywords square measure matching together with your topic.

 You’ll be able to see within the image. At the Right-hand facet of the image, you’ll be able to see the United States. Click on this and choose your country. Then currently search the subject those you wish and additionally {you apprehend|you recognize} concerning the subject square measure trending don’t seem to be. You’ll be able to additionally know from this that topic was trending for the way long.

It is useful to understand concerning the trending topic.

And helps the United Nations agency write the newsmaker that’s simple for news journal with the assistance of gape trending. It’s simple to use. Therefore you’ll be able to use it to pick out the keywords.

#b.Social Media

Social Media is one the simplest free platform to understand concerning trending articles and choose the keywords. From social media,

Ee will apprehend the trending article through the folks within the world three.8 billion folks square measure victimization the social media platform from the social media you’ll be able to currently choose the keyword and create the article.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. and Instagram folks square measure used #hastags for share posts, and from the #hashtag, you’ll be able to choose the keyword.

You select from the #hasgtag trending from Twitter. You’ll be able to comprehend the audience demand then you’ll be able to choose the keyword. It can be an inexpensive and free platform for analyzing the keyword.

You can also create a page on Instagram and add the story to comprehend the audience demand then you’ll be able to choose the keyword. You raise the live question to the audience and choose the keyword.

Whatsapp teams and tell gram teams you’ll be able to be part of, and you’ll be able to choose the keywords in step with your audience.

#cVisit web site

Visit the rival website and check the comment section. What are the requirements of the rival audience from the comment sections? You’ll be able to choose the keyword.

#dQuestion Hub

Questions hub is that the Google platform wherever peoples square measure need to answer. Question Hub has several queries that square measure unfinished from the years and times; therefore, we will choose the queries and create the keywords. This is one of the simplest places to pick out the keywords. you’ll be able to additionally use and choose the keywords

As you’ll be able to see on the image 1st of all, register the Question hub, the Go-to → Settings, then on the correct facet. Click on the website and fall your name, then active the website on the question hub.

Now you’ll see the image on the left facet click on Add Question then as your Blog. It’s one of the best Google Keyword Research Tool.

In the class, you’ll add the queries and get the concept concerning the Keywords. Therefore, this is the simplest place for analysis keywords. There are innumerable keywords out there with no price. It’s one of the free Keyword Research Tool.

Therefore, if you do not get your class, you will write your topic on the search bar and search your topic.

#e.Ask Audience:-

According to the American state, if your blogger can have social media accounts like Instagram, YouTube, FB pages, you raise your audience. what they went, recognize your audience want, and use audience poll. You straightforwardly pick the subject or keywords. you don’t need any keyword research tool if you fill the audience requirement


Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tool: We’d like to investigate the keyword after choosing the keyword. For the keyword analysis, we’ve needed some tools to grasp concerning the keyword issue, CPC, search volume; therefore, it should be used once choosing the keyword

Now we are going to discuss the keyword tools. As a result, it helps to grasp the keyword issue and might be analyzed by the tools; therefore, here is the list of analyses.

If you work on proper way analysis of the keyword data, there is no required of any Keyword Research Tool.

Tool-Free For diary, you’ll use therefore me tools are entirely freed from price some tools even have free price arrange so you’ll use.

I in-person counsel to you if ar a beginner, therefore, used the all the tools and browse up article until the tip I full guide you concerning the tools.

#a. Answer the general public

Answer the general public one in all the simplest keyword tools. This tool is premium, and that we search the ten keywords per month .when we search the one keyword, then it offers them quite fifty keyword concepts in a completely different’s unique and one of the best keyword research tool

Answer the Public 

This tool encompasses a ton of options as compared to all or any free tools. This tool has alphabetical keywords, connected keywords, keyword vs. keyword, and several options. I will be able to tell you fully in detail; therefore, let’s goIts a very good keyword research tool for beginners.

You can see them on the image once you write your keyword, choose your country, and explore any keyword.I searched for the free breadcrumb error. Therefore, I will see the next image. I got loads of keywords to plan from this tool.

Answer the Public 

I explore for the free breadcrumb error, and you’ll see you get a connected keyword plan from the tools like however. Where, when, can that these words you’ll use with the title see on the photographs. These tools are analysis the connected keyword plan you’ll see their ton of connected keywords are showing within the show.

Answer the Public 

These tools analyze the Keyword Alphabetically means like I realize the Keyword Like A/B/C, as you can see in the picture. then I got some connected keywords within the style of alphabetically like

See the image. I got 24 a lot of keywords. It is often the one best tool for analyzing the keywords; you’ll get a lot of 300+ keywords planned in a very signal search; therefore, you’ll use it. Don’t get to obtain the upgrade the tool.

Answer the Public 


  • Discover an untapped goldmine of content idea
  • You can move to the top, short and long keywords idea
  • Which automatically sets the keyword in alphabet form.
  • More500+ ideas you can get in a single search
  • You improve of SEO and Content Marketing


Word huntsman is additionally Free and upgrades the tools. It is often one in all the simplest tools innumerable folks ar used these tools. This tool has advanced options as compared to alternative tools,

Word tracker 
  • If ar a beginner, therefore, you don’t upgrade these tools. You’ll get the ten keyword searches within the months. Its expansive Keyword Research Tool

    How to Use

    Once you search any keyword, you buy the five keyword plans; therefore, you’ll get the fifty keyword plans with no price. Therefore, it’s a lot useful for keyword planning.

    If you purchase it, therefore, you may get 3 Tiers with the monthly payments. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. If you see; etc. bronze, therefore, you’ve got to pay $27 per month if you choose the Silver,

    Therefore, have to be compelled to pay$69 per month, and for Gold tiers, you’ve got to pay $99 per month. It’s your alternative that tiers ar you chose

    I person counsel you to choose the free trial version within which {you can| you’ll |you may} get the ten keywords to search per month, therefore, will get the fifty keywords to plan with none price, don’t get to upgrade it.


    • You can use it only on the Contrary, not available in India.
    • You can search only 5 times, but you will get 50 keyword ideas in a single search.
    • We can also use it for SEO, PPC, and competitor data
    • Also, you can get search volume, competitors data in every single search


How to start earning money without any Investment


Soolve is that the best tool due to this tool doesn’t get to pay money for a lot of keywords. During this tool, we will search keywords for all the computer programs like Google, yahoo,, Bing, YouTube, and Wikipedia and acquire the result singly as you’ll see on the image.


Wherever you search any keywords, it can show you singly with all computer programs and search loads of keywords with no price. Therefore, you’ll use additionally to look out the keywords.


  • Lots of suggestions are available without finding the keywords
  • You can search the keywords according to the Search engine like Gfor Google, yahoo, and Bing
  • You can use Youtube for keywords
  • Easy to search keywords
  • You can choose your keywords from existing keywords


KeywordTool is those tools for all Search engines like google, FB, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Bing, play store, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, and Bing. This tool is best for selling.

I Will say it is one of the best-selling tools. Additionally, we will be used for the diary. Its a very simple and different Keyword Research Tool

We can also get Instagram and Twitter hashtag keywords from these tools and not pay money to upgrade these wonderful tools for selling. If your member and the afflicted seller, therefore, you’ll use these tools with no price. its a free Keyword Research Tool

You can additionally increase your followers and increase your followers at no price. This tool encompasses a ton of options that you will be using for selling.

It is the foremost trustworthy tool, and many high companies are also using these tools; therefore, they can even use them. There’s no got to pay to for upgrade version you’ll free from price.


  • You can find the keywords for all social media youtube, google, Instagram, Amazon and Twitter, and more.
  • You can get 3tag words from the tool.
  • You can use this tool without paying any cost, even without creating an account
  • In the free version, the tool generates the +750 keywords in a search term

#e.KTD Keyword Tool Dominator

This tool is. Additionally, we will use for selling this tool encompasses a ton of free options. This tool has an upgrade version; if you’re a beginner, therefore, don’t get to upgrade the tools you’ll use while not upgrading the version you’ll use the free trial version.



  • You can search the two keywords per day.
  • Once you search the keyword, then you’ll get quite a hundred keywords to plan.
  • Mean two hundred keywords plan per day with no price; therefore, you’ll additionally use this.
  • You can get the highest ten list for your keywords.
  • You’ll conjointly skill several backlinks square measure needed for the highest ten and conjointly.
  • Analyze what number keywords square measure needed for the highest ten. This tool is wonderful. You’ll use it if you need to use it.
  • This tool conjointly tells the connected keywords to plan quite five hundred per search and conjointly analysis the ranking of the keywords
  • The journey of the 1000 miles begins with the only step.

#f. Keyword In this tool

We will generate the keyword among a distinct type. In these tools, we will even be generating the name. After you choose the generate keyword, your screen interface will be shown because the photos as you’ll see them on the image.

How to Use

As you’ll see on the image, four boxes square measure showing thus writing your keyword on the box.

Conjointly match bar choices square measure available on the search you’ll choose anyone choice in line with your demand.

The choice is a certain match, Paris Match, and Broad match

If you wish to match keywords, thus will click on the precise. For Phrase, match this for those keywords square measure utilized in Phrase.

Thus you’ll get the free keywords to plan with no paying price.


#g. Key Search

A key search is one of the most effective free tools. It is often all free. We tend to search the keywords with none paying the price. This tool has conjointly a free setup offered. Wherever you’ll generate your keywords, analysis of keywords, we will do five keywords analyses per day by these tools, with none paying the price.

How to Use

An easy-to-use lighting quick web-based system. Now got to code install will check the keyword issue and conjointly get the Suggestion of keywords from these keywords tools.

Also, we will check the backlinks, rank following, SEO Competition Analysis, an internet site audit is a check on these tools.

This tool has 3 sets up one is free, the second is the Starter set up, and the third is the professional set up.

If square measure a beginner thus I counsel you to choose the free set up as a result of everything is the same all plans.

However, some things square measure, Chang. Rank huntsman and competitive analysis square measure time not same.

However, the free setup is all most square measure same with upgrade plans.


  • Keywords idea research
  • Keywords PA and DA can be check
  • 100+ keywords suggestions while you search any keyword
  • Also, providing the URL of competitors of the search keywords.
  • CPC/Search volume and PPC are also provided.

#h. Key Surfer

Keyword narrator is one among bets Google Chrome Extension that is held to seek out the keywords plan. Whenever we search on google, these tools are thus wonderful tools that generate the free live result. Keywords Surfer is one of the free-of-cost Keyword Research Tool.

Key Suffers Wordtracker

How to Use

As you’ll see on the image after I search on google, then on the search bar, you’ll see the result square measure shown by the Keywords narrator.

This tool helps to any keywords search volume and CPC of the keywords

Now click on the read all, then your screen will be a show like that, and you’ll get the complete analysis result on your screen.

With the facilitation of this keyword, we will understand the audience age, search volume, number of mobile users, and desktops user and conjointly tell regarding the SEO issue and paid issue.

Key Suffers


  • You can get +50 keywords idea with the volume of search
  • When you find it on google, the result automatically shows on your screen.
  • You can get CPC/Keywords idea/Traffic
  • Not need a premium version.

#i. keyword everywhere

The keyword all over is that the gawp Chrome Extension tool that may assist you to notice the keywords that have heaps of the latest options and extremely useful for analyzing the keyword this one among the foremost common tools employed by peoples.

It’s the most usable keyword research tool. Every YouTuber and blogger uses it. Simple to use. There is no requirement of any signup, and its a very simple Bulk Keyword Research Tool.

Keyword Everywhere 

Its aforesaid out of one hundred /98 peoples square measure victimization these tools.We can live check take keywords with these tools. After I search on google, then you’ll see on the screen on the image.

On the proper, the facet has shown the fifty connected Keywords square measure showing keywords we will conjointly use these keywords on our articles.Bottom of the connected keyword are shown keywords square measure already searched by the folks these keywords conjointly you’ll be used for your article

We can get the direct knowledge Embedded Directly In Google SERPs. As you’ll see on the image and each computer address in Google SERPs.That square measure shows total monthly traffic and still shows the full range of Keywords square measure rank of the computer address.After you click on the computer address, you’ll get the 5000 keywords that square measure for rank up.


  • Its help to find the keywords idea
  • Easy get the CPC and search volume from the last 1 month
  • easy to handle
  • No need premium version
  • You can east find competitors data

#j. Bulk Keyword Generator

Bulk Keyword Generator is one best-promoting SEO Tools that has advanced technique options. We will use these tools at no price. This tool has the SEO Audit, its expansive keyword research tool.

SEO Service, computing device style, Link Building, E-commerce SEO, Franchise SEO, and a lot of several options, conjointly facilitates to seek out the keywords with none paying the price


  • You can find your SEO of the website.
  • Easy to Find Keywords.
  • You can get the keywords for Social media.
  • You can also build backlinks.

#k.Uber suggest

Is one among largely employed by the folk’s tools it’s freed from price tools. We will notice {the ten|the ten} keywords during a day conjointly get the ten keywords suggestion with prime 10 graded details is got by these tools. It’s one of the best SEO keyword research tools.


This tool is thus a wonderful tool. Uber counsel is based on Neil Patel. This tool encompasses a heap of options conjointly. We will conjointly use the website audit, backlinks details, keywords analysis,
As you’ll see on the image, I obtained the keyword Free yoga category; thus, as you’ll see, it results in square measure showing looking volume, SEO issue, and Paid issue.
Conjointly showing the CPC of the keyword thus you’ll see this keyword has a high CPC. If you wish to use this keyword thus, you’ll use it.



  • You Search the keywords 3 times a day
  • You can get 50 keywords idea on a single search
  • 10 competitors data you can get on keyword search based.
  • You can also track 25 keywords on the free version
  • You can also check the backlinks of your website.
  • We cab also optimization oof your website.

#m. Keyword shutter

Keywords shutter is a keyword analysis-free tool that facilitates full analysis of the keyword plan. This tool is completely freed from value. No one would like any upgrade. It’s one of the best free keyword research tools.

Therefore once choosing the keywords, search on the google Keyword Shutter, then write your keyword on the search bar. In these tools, we will analyze the keywords. Like SEO, keyword CPC, keywords search volume, and all.



  • Very simple to use.
  • You can get 500+ ideas in a single search.
  • You can download the search data
  • The free version does not need a premium version.

#n.Keyword Shitter

Keyword somebody is one of the most effective tools. This tool is often upgraded in four tires Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Silver tiers. The upgrade isn’t 1st needed. It’s your want. If you need will upgrade, you’ll be able to ANd if you don’t need an upgrade. its a free keyword research tool

This tool is extremely like the shutter; therefore, the same as your keyword on the search boss, click on the beginning. This Keyword Research Tool is not required for any signup.


  • Its Pervideing the Blog articale idea
  • don’t need to signup
  • You can search the Long/short/ and medium keywords on a search
  • Don’t need the premium version.



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