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Android 11 Features


Android:- Everyone knows Android is one of the best companies. In the words, 80% of Pople are used Android phones because the Android phone has more flexibility and not more expensive. Basically, Android is launched in India in September 2008. its the modified version of Linux Kernel and source software. Designed for smartphones and tablets. 
Android is developed by the Consosored by Google. Android has a lot of versions its starts with the 2.1 version but now the Android 11 beta version is available under development, but 1 beta version is launched with the advanced features.
The Android 11 beta version has been launched beta version has 3 versions. beta 1, beta 2 beta 3. beta 1 version was launched in June, now beta version will be launched in July and Beta 3 will be launched in and August. Q3 Version will be launched in after august.
Android 11 is not working on all the phones its works one some selected phone. I will tell you everything which phone are supported and which phone not supported and when will be supporting the android 11 in all phones so if want to know so read up the article till at the end
Android 11 Beta 2:– Now android 11 beta is launched in June after the 3rd Trial. Android 11 has a lot of new features like Screen Recording, dark theme mode, New Text selection in overview menu, media players head to quick settings, unloading Recently Cleared apps, Aeroplan mode doesn’t kill Bluetooth mode. Link to window mode. Now briefly all the new features explained in below side
Screen Recording- Now we don’t need a third-party app for screen recording. now in the android phone, we can be recording a video by the inbuilt app. Google has added an inbuilt app feature in android 11.

Inbuilt Screen, the der has one more feature for audio recording. its has three more new features. Device recorder, mic recorder, and both options can be used at a time. can be used at a time. this very imaging features that used the screen recorder.

Aeroplan mode doesn’t kill Bluetooth mode:-                             Before this upgrdation,we cant enable to use the Bluetooth mode. but after these upgradations, we can be used these features. We can be used the Bluetooth mode while active in airplane mode that very good degradation.

Link to window mode;- Previously, only Apple’s direct phone could be linked to laptop and computer, but it can link Android phone to laptop and computer without any USB cable

Notification History:- This is a very wonderful upgrade fo who missed their notification but you don’t worry now we can check out the notification history on the android phone as well. before this upgrade that’s, we can’t use the history notification panel. this option is only available on the apple. but now in android 11, we can check the perverse notification. that very amazing notification on this android version 

Media players now head to quick settings:                                                             If you are a music lover so thas very amazing features for the music lover we can quick and easy to handle media players and all the settings are available in Quick setting area shade. Now we can easy to pick output of the device and also improve the sound quality of the phone after this upgrade

Improved data access auditing: Now we can be able to data audit and can save your data. these good features also. now we can be suit the in which apps your data are westing, and then can change the settings of your phone.

Better support for curved/waterfall displays: 
If your display is curved so it look very pretty and very beautifully. this is because of apps and keywords. you can make the keyboard edge and make it through it to these elements. Now Google is offering an API and letting developer specify the interactive area of a screen
New technologies: Android has a lot of new features. for camera realization, can be image resolution, we can use youtube in screen mode, 5g API Notification Pop op mode. When any notification comes on the phone then notification be shown by the popup mode that every one of the features in this upgrade
Enhancements for Project Mainline: In Android 10 introduce the ability to updates parts from the direct play store but now in android 11 we can direct update all the parts of android without any OTAthis is the one good features also for android users
5G state API: 
In android 11 now we can use 5g full supports. WE can be used the 5g API in the android 111 

Call screening service improvements: Google also work on the call screening . in android 10 we had to face some problems for call reactions and during call automatically go  on the call on hold these some features are also upgraded in this Android 11

Android 11 is not publically launched its lunched and test pappose for some selected mobile this android 11 beta 2 version is available some selected mobile.because of this upgrade is not for all user this only testing purpose lunched. After this beta version,3 will be launched in August after the suggested Q3 version will be launched date is not fixed. but this is valid so some selected phones. The e-list is mention below.

Lunching date of Full Android 11                                     

Google still doesn’t fix the lunching date of the android 11. still no know about the final date of the Android. because of Google still,upgrades the android beta version not the final version. still,2 beta version is launched. but still, the beta 3 version is pending .After launching the beta version 3 then Google can be announced about the Android 11 so beta 3 will be launched on August 10 so we can be imaging about the final date of Android 11 can be launched on September 11 this the imagery date so when we know we will update

None of the smartphone companies coming out with Android 11 only Google, Xiaomi, and Samsung only coming with only three companies when any other company will come out with author device then the notification will upgrade on your phone. Otherwise subscribe I bell icon we update you

List mobile phone for Android 11

list of phone those will be updated after June.


Pixel 2 

Pixel 2 XL 

Pixel 3 

Pixel 3 XL 

Pixel 4 

Pixel 4 XL 


One Plus 


 8 pro 



Find x2 

Find X2 pro 



Mi 10 

Mi 10 Pro 


Samsung Galaxy S20/s20+/s20 ultra 

Samsung Galaxy A10/10S10C 

Samsung Galaxy Note 10/ 10+10+ 5G 

Samsung GalaxyA91 

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+S10E/S105G 

Samsung Galaxy A50/A50S 

Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9+ 

Samsung Galaxy A30/A30s 

Samsung Galaxy M31 

Samsung Galaxy A90/a90 5G 

Samsung Galaxy A71 

Samsung Galaxy A51 


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