Best Bulk DA & PA checker tools in 2023

Page ranking of a website is based on various factors, and each of these factors is important to play a specific role in attracting traffic to your website.

Domain and Page Authority indicators have played a significant role in achieving the same purpose.

Domain Authority and Page Authority indicators are products of Moz that have transformed the standards in the digital marketing world.

The DA/PA is calculated on an algorithm to extract the idea behind the search engine optimization strategy.


The 1-100 algorithmic scale defined by Moz scores a website’s page authority. The higher the PA score, the better the performance of a website would be.

The SEO specialists have recognized these indicators to gain full benefits using link-building techniques. DA/PA score gives detailed information on the website’s loading speed, the structure of the website, the linking of the website, and its overall social appearance on the internet.


Numbers extracted from the domain and page authority are helpful for digital marketers and web admins. If you’re one of them, stay posted because, in this article, we will feature the top three Domain Authority and Page Authority tools recommended for the year 2022.

List of Best Bulk DA & PA checker tools in 2023



The Domain Authority and Page Authority checker by Prepostseo is the most efficient yet productive tool to check DA PA in bulk. This tool offers to limit the authority of up to 500 URLs, which is a considerable number

This tool is developed with a similar algorithm scale Moz which offers accurate and descriptive results. But this tool has an advantage over Moz, as it provides a way to check the authority of websites in bulk.


This tool is not limited to providing the DA & P.A. score only, but it also gives the information on the I.P address of the website. Moreover, you get the spam score of the website and information on indexed web pages, all in one go.


The interface of this tool is pretty straightforward. No need to download any application or software. prepostseo DA PA Checker is a web-based application that offers visitors free usage. The limitations include:

  • Premium users can check DA PA of up to 500 URLs at a time.
  • Registered users can check DA PA of up to 25 URLs at a time without availing of any paid plan.
  • Visitors can check the authority of 10 websites at a time without registering.

How to use

The usage is as simple as using an online text editor. Reach the portal and paste your links in the empty text field. Only paste one link per line and avoid putting links in the same line with spaces or commas.

The interface features a website counter that tells you about the number of pasted links in the checker’s box. Once you are done with pasting the link, press the check authority button, and the website will generate results for you in just a few seconds.


  • Allows checking 500 URLs at once (on a paid plan).
  • Gives spam score and page indexing details.
  • Allows generating excel reports on each website.
  • Google extension is available for convenient usage.
  • Option to filter the same or specific UR

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Search Engine algorithms can be pretty challenging to understand when ranking a website. The authority significance with the ranking of a website defines how much traffic a website can grab on its web pages.

Developers of this understood the challenges of website publishers and SEO experts. DA PA Checker tool provides assistance based on Moz premium APIs to check the domain authority score. Upon free usage, the website allows you to check the domain authority of up to 20 websites.


This authority checker tool is lightweight, responsive, and very simple to use. Due to being a web-based tool, this application offers instant access to various devices. You can also download mobile applications for both IOS and Android to avail of this feature at your fingertips.


This checker platform does not offer paid packages for any of its services. But on the bright side, the free services it provides are much similar to the paid authority checking tools:

  • Check DA PA authority and spam score of up to 20 websites at a time.
  • No registration or paid plans are required.
  • A detailed description of each query without any delaying procedure.

How to use

The website is very responsive and generates results quickly without any unnecessary delays. You’ll find the input box field required to paste URLs on the website’s main interface. You can directly paste the text featuring URLs as well.

Once you press the “check authority” button, it will automatically remove the text and leave URLs in the input box. Within a few seconds, this tool will generate results on the DA and P.A. authority of the website. The standout feature is that this checking tool rates Moz ranking and Spam score of each URL.

This tool has other freeware features like backlink generator, Google index checker, and sitemap generator, which are available on the same web-based platform.


  • Provides Moz ranking for each URL.
  • Unlimited Free usage.
  • Allows to download Excel Report
  • Analyzes 20 URLs in one check.
  • Generates accurate DA PA score.



The name of this tool itself defines its capabilities. This checker provides several figures that represent the overall optimization score. The website is simple and easy to use with the interface’s input box interface and button features.

BulkDA is quite descriptive in providing detail on a website’s authority and scoring. Although it might take a while to load results, it has to check through various factors before presenting the final output.


This tool is an ideal option to compare traffic sources with the generated report in the output results. You get a detailed check report on citation flow, trust flow, and SEMrush traffic of the website.


There are no such limitations for availing of a paid plan or subscription to use this tool. So, you don’t have to worry about any billing issues while enjoying the services of this tool.

  • No registration is required.
  • Capable of checking 50 domains at a time.
  • Get a comparison report on SEMrush traffic.

How to use

The website’s interface is pretty clear and straightforward. The input box is mentioned on the left side with a detailed overview of the tool’s services. You can paste one URL per line and check the authority of 50 websites in one go.

Once you click on the ‘Get Result’ button, it’ll take a few minutes to generate results. The downside of this tool is that it is not responsive to load results. But the results are worth the wait.

The crawlers used by this tool load results featuring DA, PA, CF, TF, and SEMrush traffic of websites. Finally, you can download the detailed report in CSV or Excel Sheet format when the results are generated.


  • Validates the URL for each domain
  • CheckMoz rank from the official site.
  • Check ranking from Alexa ranks and site.
  • Checks Citation flow, Trust flow, and SEMrush traffic in one go.
  • Capable of checking 50 URLs at a time.

Tips to excel your page authority on Google

  • Focus on both on-page and off-page SEO of your website.
  • Follow link-building strategies and create a vast number of external and internal links. These links should naturally feature within your content.
  • Always check the authority of the site with which you will exchange the link. A website with a good authority score has better chance to generate traffic for your site.
  • While formatting your website and publishing the content, keep the user experience in mind. The authority score based on factors is affected by the bounce rate and time on your webpage.
  • The saying “content is king” is also relevant to the authority score. Develop content that adds value to users’ questions and improves their research experience. The use of LSI keywords and concise answers helps get a better approach in search engines.

A website’s authority score defines it as necessary over the internet. A higher-scoring website would be preferred in SERPs, and users prefer such a source. The DA/PA authority only defines the SEO efforts and does not claim to be the ranking factor.


Domain authority and page authority are not considered the factors that define the ranking of a website among SERPs. These factors only determine the figures that state a website’s performance and abilities.

Any website with a domain authority score somewhere 50 to 60 is considered good enough to grab a stable amount of traffic.

Based on those results, SEO experts can follow various strategies like guest posting and link-building to better rank in SERPs.

Newly developed websites can use these tools to check the authority of another website to offer them guest posting and linking services.

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