How to Add Sitemap In Blogger Free

How to Add Sitemap In Blogger Free

Hey, Guys, I hope you are fine on these crazy days. Today we will discuss the Add Sitemap In Blogger Google sitemap is a very important part of every blogger its helps google crawlers to understand the blog post. If you still do not add to your blog, dont wait for a good day.


So add it to your blog today. Because Sitemap is listed websites’ most important pages thus, making sure search engines can find and crawl them. It also helps to understand the website’s structure and makes it easier to understand the navigation of the website.

If you want to Add Sitemap In Blogger, read up this article until the end. Don’t skip any steps; because all the steps are important so; please follow all the steps for the XML sitemap for blogger

Why is Google Sitemap Important?

XML Sitemaps help search engines and spiders discover the pages on your website. These sitemaps give the search engine a website’S URLs and offer data a complete map of all pages on a site.

The Helps search engines prioritize pages that they will crawl. Suppose you have any issues so you can contact me any time. I will help you solve your problem. Also, you can Join Our Telegram group.

If you like the post so please subscribe by your mail. we always post the articles every day you can improve your knowledge with us, and also you can join the Telegram group for resolving your problem also you can contact me anytime So now going to guide for blogger sitemap generator

How to Add Sitemap In Blogger 

  1. Blogger Sitemap

Suppose you are a beginner and don’t know how to add a site, a map on blogger, or WordPress. So first click on Click Button. We can add a custom robots txt generator for blogger.


Step.1-Then Now Copy your Website Url and paste it on the Search Box. As you see on the bottom mention screenshot.


Step.2-After pasting, the URL of your website Pasteon the Box, then clicks on the Start Botton, as you can see on the Bottom Screenshot. After Click On Generate Sitemap, you Screen Show Like that, as you can see on the Bottom Screenshot


Step.3-You have to copy the box text, as you can see on the bottom screenshot from User-agent to Result=500 or under Red Rectangular area text copy, then open your blog. After opening your blog, Go to the setting and open the Crawlers and Indexing.   Open Blog→Setting→Crawlers and Indexing→Enable Custom robots.txt


Step.4-After Enable to Crawlers, click on Bottom of Custom Robot txt, then It will be Open. After that


Step.5-Paste the Generating Text here, then. If you do not understand, then you see it on Above ScreenShot. Now we have to add some more text for SEO purposes, so Copy this.

( Disallow: /category

Disallow: /tag) ← and paste between 

Disallow: /search and

Allow: /

And all the text is according to Bellow Screenshot.  


  And now Click on the Save button and Save all text.  

Step.6-After Compete this Process, You have to add the Sitemap Page and Add to Sitemap into Google Console, so again, follow my instructions and add the Sitemap. Now we have to add the sitemap button on your website.
This button helps you crawl the link. So whenever you post the article, your article or page will automatically be indexed on the Google Search engine. So Now, Click on the download button, download the file, change the file format WinRar Into WordPress, and copy the text. You can download a custom robots txt generator for blogger.


 After download, the file opens the file. Your file shows like that, as you can see on the bottom of the Screenshot.


After opening the file, you have to go to the direct bottom of the page, and there needs to be some change so as can see on we highlight the section where you need to change write down your website name and copy all pages.



    Now Direct goto your blog click on the page button.  



  Now Follow The Bottom mentions steps  

  1. Click on the new pages
  2. Paste the whole text from the downloaded file
  3. Post the page

How to add Contact us page In Blogger or WordPress

2. How to add a sitemap on Google Console Tool

After posting the pages, you add the pages on the website according to the web theme and your requirement where you want to show that page. After completing the All, the Process Go to Google, find the Google Console Tool. When You Open the Google Console Tool so then go to Sitemap. It’s available on the Left Side of the Tool. Then You Screen will be showing be like this.


add-the-sitemap-on-google console-tool


Also, you can see my last update of the Sitemap, so Now write the Sitemap.xml box and then submit the Sitemap. After that, your Sitemap will automatically update also show your total Blog post. It automatically updates by crawler no need to manually update.  

FAQs For Sitemap for blogger

What is Site Map.?

The Protocol allows a webmaster to inform search engines about URLs on a website that are available for crawling. A Sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs For a site. There are 5 types of sitemaps, but all of them are too different from each other, and both are used for a different purpose. Briefe explains at the bottom of the paragraph.

Is a sitemap necessary for the blog?

Yes, It’s a Very Important part of a blog because it helps crawl the website in google and images, videos, and other files. It is also providing valuable information about these files.

Type of Sitemap

1.XML SiteMap:- XML SITEMAP is a very common site used by every blogger. It can be understood by the search engine only and hence dedicated clearly to them. It’s normally located in the root folder of the domain. You can check your sitemap at this link. (; copy this URL and replace example .com with your website name and search on Google.

2.HTML Sitemap:- HTML Sitemap is the second type of sitemap that the visitors or users view to understand the navigation of the website, and it’s very helpful to the user experience point of view. It’s normally located at the bottom of the website.

3. Image sitemap 4. Video Sitemap, 5. News Sitemap


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