How to Add Reaction Bar Buttons in Blogger and WordPress

How to Add Reaction Bar Buttons in blogger and WordPress

Hey, Guys, I Hope You are OK in this covid-19. Tell me about yourself in the comment section. Today we will discuss the How to Add Reaction Bar Buttons in bloggers and WordPress.


Every blogger needs feedback after posting the articles on their blog. Feedback may be harmful or positive, but it helps improve blogging.

It helps to improve the content of the blog and the value of the content. Add Reaction Bar Buttons help your post-show like a professional blog.

So I suggest to everyone Reactions buttons are should be used on their blog. So if you want to Add Reaction Bar Buttons to a blogger, read up this article till at the end and don’t skip any step cause every step is most important.

What is Reaction Bar

The reaction bar is a feedback mechanism that bloggers use to get feedback from the user. Usually, it always adds to the bottom of the post. It works as the reader’s feedback to bloggers on their posts.

It works as a rating on the blogger. Lots of type reaction bar added on reaction bar like that sad, angry, happy, love, care and haha it’s also called the react bar.

You can also add the react bar on your blog by using all these steps, so if you want to add it on your blog, follow up the all the steps and add easily.

Why is Reaction Bar Important?

It helps to get feedback from reading then we can analyze the o our work and improve our work and then can be stratified to our customers. With the help of the audience reaction bar, we can understand what they need to complete the customer’s needs if we complete the customers, so that means you are going in the right direction.

According to the reaction bar, we should be improving our work. If we cannot complete the customer’s needs, we will lose our audience one day. So we should be working for the audience. If your audience is happy, you will get a love bar on your posts.

So Lets Started

Note:- Please Don’t Skip any Steps.

Step No:-1 Go to Google and Search You can click here

Step No:- 2 Your Screen will be showing like a screenshot, then click on the Get Started Today.

Step No:- 3 Choose your subscription plan, but I suggest you go with a free plan.


Step No.4 If you are a blogger, go then click on the code for the HTML website. If you’re using WordPress so, click on the Plugins for WordPress.


Step No.5 Now, fill in all the details if you already have an account so you can log in.

Step No.6 Now Copy the 1st No. Code and copy the on vlogger theme, as you can see in the next step.


You can also customize your emojis as per your requirements,

Step No. 7  Now copy the 1. code below </body>. You can also find this </body> on your theme and copy the code by the search. As you can see on the screenshot


Step No. 8 Now Copy code paste below the body, save the theme and go back to the theme area.


Step No. 9 Now Copy the 3rd No. Code and go to the blogger section Click on the Layout and create the new HTML code.


I am adding the upper side of Footer. You can add the code according to your choice.

After paste, the code goes to any articles, and as you will see, the Reaction Butoonns will be there, as you can see on the screenshot.


Live Demo

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How to Add Reaction Bar Buttons in WordPress

Add Reaction Bar Buttons in WordPress

In WordPress, go to the plugin and click on the Add plugin

Step No2. Now find out the Wp reaction lite on the search bar and install the wp reaction lite.

Add Reaction Bar Buttons in WordPress

Step No3 Now go back to installed plugins and activate the plugin; then it automatically shows on your comment post, and then you will get feedback from the visitors by reactions.


In this post, I have shared how to Add Reaction Bar Buttons in Blogger and WordPress. All the details are shared by step b step in full detail, as you can see on the Screenshots.

You can add the plugins from WordPress plugins if you want; otherwise, you can follow all the steps as the same bloggers. all the steps are the same, but in the case of WordPress, you don’t need to copy the codes; you can directly download the plugin

Don’t try to skip any steps; please follow all the steps then you will get good results in a short time. Maybe you like this post if you like the articles, so please like the post and share the comments in the comments sections according to your feedback. Thanks for reading this post.

If you have any type issues so can direct contact me by mail, or also you can fill out the contact form in 24hr we will contact you. Please also put any suggestions according to guys in the comments section.

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